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Celect® Cellular Composite Siding

December 5, 2018

Blend of Beauty and Low-Maintenance

Real wood has some testy maintenance
demands. Celect embodies the look of wood, but with out the needed effort and
costs to maintain it.
rendering issues with mold, mildew, deterioration, and all
traditional wood cleaning hassles obsolete. Not only is it durable, but it is
beautiful—providing you the luxurious appearance of real wood without the
future maintenance woes of painting, repainting, caulking, re-caulking and
delamination that you might otherwise have to suffer. This is beauty that will

Every aspect of the Celect design makes
it built to withstand the elements.
, and does away with the
gaps and wavy lines of real wood. This means that, unlike traditional wood, the
boards will stay straight even as the home expands and contracts with the
seasons. It’s gravity lock design eliminates
warping, buckling and shifting while boosting wind resistance to more than 130

Rich, Deep Color Palette—That Stays That Way

Color options are great when choosing
the perfect design for your home, but a rich color that truly lasts—that’s even
better. Kynar Aquatec coating acts as the perfect seal for all Celect siding,
locking in that rich color and locking out moisture. It also helps create
extreme resilience against anything the elements may throw your home’s way,
making sure that color stands the test of time. The finish comes with a
, which gives you the peace of mind that your
investment will last.

Wood Feel, Sustainably Delivered

Celect Clapboard, Board & Batten
and Shake premium siding options are all made from the same recyclable, state of the art cellular
material. This helps to reinforce that all of our siding styles
, providing
the believability of real wood without all that extra work.

Sustainable & Seriously Green

A face-lift for your home is always a
welcome investment. The results are that much more satisfying whenever the
materials used in making your new siding are recyclable and also contribute to
for managing your home. Celect siding conveniently keeps your
home cooler in summer, and warmer in winter, simply by design. This means
spending less green, in both money and resources, over time.

  • Unique white substrate helps lower heat absorption
  • Kynar Aquatec coating provides superior UV resistance and reflects energy back into the atmosphere – reducing the energy demands of heating and air conditioning.
  • Insulates 70% better than wood
  • Has twice the R-value of Fiber Cement and Wood 

In other words, it’s as much of a
renewable investment as it is a renewable material.

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