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How to Replace Vinyl Siding

April 16, 2019

While it can be tempting to look for a professional to fix what’s broken in your home, in most cases it's always better to try and fix it yourself. Vinyl sidings, in particular, can be scary to fix when they break but you can do it yourself. You just need the right guide and tool to help you out. When done properly, it can take less than an hour and will be perfectly fixed as if done by a professional. Despite this, you should still try to protect your sidings to prevent damage and the best ways to do that is by knowing what causes such damage especially if you live in Kansas.

Causes of Siding Damages

Weather condition is always one of the common causes of damage in different regions and Kansas isn’t different. High winds, for instance, can cause debris to fly which may end up breaking your siding. Strong winds could also cause trees to fall thereby landing on the siding to cause damage. Other weather conditions include extreme cold which could end up weakening the vinyl making it susceptible to breakage when it comes in contact with any slight friction. Hail storms have also been known to cause vinyl sliding damage in Kansas. The impact caused when hail comes in contact with the siding is often enough to cause dents leading to weakening and sometimes holes.

Moisture and rain are other factors that tend to cause damage to vinyl sidings in Kansas. They weaken the vinyl and cause pealing which may start in a mall section but will eventually spread leading to replacement as the only option. Since moisture is always a catalyst when it comes to growth of molds, this can be another source of damage to your sidings. The vinyl will be mold infested which is a health concern as well. Termites, although not common in most parts of Kansas is known to cause damage in some parts.

Although you can take some measures such as choosing very durable and strong vinyl to install, you may still be forced to replace your sidings when the damage becomes worse. This is why you need to know the tips that can help you accomplish the repair process on your own. It is usually a tough procedure which is why most people shy away from it but it can be completed successfully.

Vinyl Siding Replacement Process

  • The first step is to collect the tools you need for the job which are a zip tool and a pry bar. These will be used to remove the vinyl within the shortest time.
  • Once you locate the damaged vinyl, slide the zip tool below siding until it reaches the bottom part. The goal is to hook it on the lip and pull it.
  • You can then pull the tool downwards towards the outer part before sliding it on the edge as you move.
  • Proceed to unzip other sidings on top of the spoiled one to give you more room to operate. Feel free to use your elbow while removing the nails used to hook the damaged part. Make sure you have the new vinyl nearby.
  • Place the new vinyl in the space created by the old one you’ve removed. Make sure the lower lip is locked the right way.
  • Drive in your hooking nails to secure it in place. Use the one and a half inch nail.
  • Make sure you get the spacing correctly by measuring at least 16 inches between them.
  • Repeat the process on the other side but this time let the spacing be 1/32 inches between the nail and the siding. This will ensure that the vinyl moves freely. It also prevents the siding from buckling when the weather gets warmer.
  • When done, use the zip tool to secure the upper piece on top of your new piece.
  • Pull the lip down on one side then repeat on the other side.
  • Try to twist the tool to bring the leading edge in place.

When replacing vinyl siding, always try to match the type of vinyl as challenging as it may be. Try to carry the damaged piece with you to the store to help you identify a replica. In case you cannot find one, use exact paint color to get a match. You should also try to do the repairs during the warm season to avoid cracking that is more prone during the cold seasons. It’s also advisable to take a picture of everything before you start in order to remember easily when replacing them.

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