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Elevate your Lenexa home with James Hardie siding. Trust Smart Exteriors, your James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor, for quality installation.

Your house’s exterior is the first aspect many people will notice about your home, and it generally makes up the majority of their first impression. Having a well-cared-for exterior raises the curb appeal and has benefits beyond that. A home’s siding helps weatherproof it and even lower energy bills. The extreme ranges of Kansas weather and the effects of time can both take a toll on your siding, so deciding when and how to repair or replace your siding is essential. With Smart Exteriors, this decision has never been easier.

What Are the Benefits of James Hardie Products?

James hardie Elite Preferred When choosing the right siding for the exterior of your home, you will need one that looks great and is high quality. James Hardie siding is both. In addition to featuring a range of colors and styles to fit any aesthetic and palette, James Hardie products are also some of the longest-lasting and toughest around.

James Hardie siding’s superior strength can stand up to any weather that Lenexa throws at your home. From the rain and hail of spring to the scorching sun of summer and the high winds of fall to the drifts of snow in winter, your house can take a lot of damage over a year. James Hardie products, though, are virtually indestructible ensuring that your exterior stays looking great while also protecting your house from weather, pests, and temperatures. 

These exteriors are engineered to resist warping, mold, and rotting in just about any climate. With its long lifespan and durability, James Hardie siding is the perfect fit for any home style –  ranch, craftsman, traditional, split-level, or whatever your home may be.  

“I would highly recommend this company if you’re looking into having any siding done on your home. From start to finish this was a painless process, and the Hardy board siding was like night and day compared to the old textured OSB and nasty 4×4 window molding.”

Adam P., Grain Valley, MO

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Why Choose Smart Exteriors?

While great siding products are essential, it’s also vital to have them properly installed by experts. Our professional team at Smart Exteriors is a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor. This means that we have been certified and received ongoing training to install James Hardie siding. Why is this important?

The installation of siding can easily go wrong, leaving gaps, cracks, or other issues in the siding, which allows entry to pests as well as places for moisture to get in, leading to decay or mold growth. Our team ensures that every installation is as perfect as possible.

Brighten Your Lenexa Home’s Exterior

If you’re ready to take the next steps in revitalizing the exterior of your house, Smart Exteriors is ready to help. With our dedicated team, you can rest assured that the installation of your exteriors will be a smooth and stress-free process. You can contact us to get a free quote for your Lenexa, Kansas home.