8 Ways to Enhance the Exterior of Your Kansas City Home

The curb appeal of your Kansas City home says a lot about who you are. As a homeowner, you spend a majority of your time inside of your home, but the rest of the world spends most of its time observing the exterior.

As an exterior contractor, we know the feeling of not being satisfied with the way your home looks. Sometimes, the solution is a simple tweak in the landscaping, and other times, it might require replacing something substantial like your siding. Yet it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Here are our top tips for taking your exterior to the next level.

Curb Appeal Boosting, Value-Adding Projects For Your Home

1. New Siding

Your home’s siding makes up perhaps the biggest portion of its exterior façade. Its condition, therefore, has a major impact on the look of your home. If your siding is dented, warped, cracked, chipping, or outdated, your home will overall have the same worn-down appearance. New siding provides the ultimate instant facelift for your exterior—especially when designed with the help of a professional siding contractor.

While the type of siding you replace your home with matters, multiple replacement siding materials have consistently been in the top 10 home renovation projects with the highest return on investment for homes in the Kansas City area.

2. Fresh Paint

If your current siding is in great shape but could use a minor upgrade, a fresh coat of paint is the perfect solution. Choose a color and trim that contrast yet fit your home’s environment for a powerful impact. However, new siding often adds greater value to a home than just a fresh coat of paint.

3. Yard Maintenance

Taking time to clean up and provide fresh landscaping for your yard space is one of the top ways to add instant appeal to your home. Planting annuals in the spring and fall is a great way to add color and interest to your exterior. Fresh plants, a lush lawn, and trimmed trees and shrubs make a home look well-kept and tidy. Not to mention, proper shrub and tree care is also essential in the protection of your roof and siding.

4. Roof Tune-Up

A large portion of your home’s exterior façade consists of your roof. So, it makes a big impact on the overall appearance of your home. Have loose, cracked, or dented shingles replaced or secured and any other roofing issues resolved. Make sure to remove all twigs, branches, leaves, and other debris from your roof. If a roof inspection reveals the need for a full roof replacement, have a contractor perform a replacement immediately.

Having a roofing contractor inspect your roof at least once a year is part of proper roof maintenance and will ultimately lead to a longer roof lifespan and better home protection.

But beyond home maintenance, an asphalt shingle replacement tends to see upwards of a 60% return on investment nationwide.

5. Clean Out Gutters

Unsightly leaves and debris buildup hanging from your gutters is a sure way to diminish the look of your exterior. Take time to clear out your gutters. Not only will this make your home look better, but it is also an essential part of roof drainage maintenance. If your home is particularly prone to falling debris or you simply want to make gutter maintenance easier, consider installing gutter guards.

6. Revitalize Your Garage Door

As the largest door of your home, your garage door has prominence in elevating your exterior curb appeal. And revamping it can be as simple as or as extensive as you want. You could opt for a full garage door replacement if yours is outdated or worn down, or you can choose a new stain or paint color that complements your exterior. Either way, a simple garage door makeover is just what your home needs.

7. Style Your Exterior

Dress up your front door or front porch with some fun seasonal accessories and furniture. Add a wreath to your door. Or pot some seasonal plants for added greenery. You can also opt for cute chairs and outdoor pillows to spruce up your exterior. And swap them out from season to season.

8. Windows

Windows are an often-overlooked aspect of your exterior, and beautiful, bold windows can be the perfect accessory to your home. If your windows are warping, chipping, or inefficient, swapping them out for modern, sleek windows will add instant beauty to your curb appeal.

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Garner Beautiful Exterior Impact

You deserve to have a home you love that stands out. At Smart Exteriors, our goal is to provide you with the highest level of products and installation to create an exterior that wows. We provide a precise installation of the highest level of products—from the materials themselves down to the caulking we use to seal them.

Combining our expertise with your vision, we can curate an elevated home exterior. For some examples of homes we have helped boost the curb appeal of, check out our portfolio.