Wood windows are a type of windows made from wood. Wood is very versatile and hence competent to do many things. Wood can be made to windows of various shapes and sizes by milling, taking different designs and profiles which greatly vary according to the manufacturers. Due to the ability of wood material to pick stains they made according to one’s taste and preference. This is why they are considered elegant. Their aesthetic nature is due to sources they are obtained. They are obtained from oak, pine, cedar, eucalyptus and other species of trees. After milling and shaping, wood is usually light From the past time, wood has been the main material for making windows and in most cases, people who prefer a new outlook in a traditional style, seem to prefer wood windows.Wood from which windows are made is a renewable source of energy. When they break, they can decompose in the soil unlike other windows made of plastic hence an eco-friendly material.

Benefits of Wood Windows

Increased aesthetic

They are generally beautiful. They appeal well to the senses, making a home look perfect. On replacement to wood windows, one can appreciate how the look of their house is enhanced. Their attractiveness cannot be underestimated. Any person who has a house full of wooden materials, like chairs and tables, will do well to match it with wood windows. It looks odd if there are different furniture materials as compared to the windows. In a real sense all types of windows are made to mimic wood windows, and as always, the actual thing is more beautiful.The ability of wood to take stain is utilized in painting wood windows. The choice of the color of the paint is left to the owner, as wood always can embrace diverse colors. These windows made of wood are highly customizable, intricate carvings can be done on wood to produce various profiles of eye-catching fashion. If one is bored with a given paint or wants to explore a new pattern of painting their house, they can easily change the color of the wood windows by just scrapping the initial one off and then repainting it according to their taste. It is quite simple, unlike tedious processes in furnishing vinyl windows.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Wood is a poor conductor of heat, hence a good insulator. Unlike good conductors of heat such as Aluminium and other metals, wood preserves and maintains normal heating. The insulating capacity of wood is about 400 times more compared to steel’s, and a great deal better in many aspects as compared to vinyl windows. In summer wood provides good insulation against the warm environment, keeping the house cool. During Winter, they preserve heat within the house, keeping it warm and comfortable. This insulation capacity enables savings on utility bills that are incurred for heating or warming the house. An added advantage to the insulating capacity of wood windows is that they can withstand temperature extremes, unlike vinyl windows.

Increase Comfort

Wood does not allow environmental air to get into the house, neither does it allow conditioned air to escape and get to the atmosphere because it is a compact and solid material it renders the comfort needed. The shielding from environmental noise is quite a good property. Times when one needs a calm environment for meditation or rest, they just shut the window and have their time.

Why one should get a wood window replacement

Wood windows are proven to have the superior insulating capacity, and thus on their installation, the owner cuts down energy utility bills as the house will need less conditioning because wood keeps internal and external conditions separate. The elegance and beauty which characterizes wood is a potential factor to convince someone. Nobody likes the bad look, wood is quite appealing, coupled to its high customization ability, it fulfills beauty demands. It can be designed to various profiles which are quite attractive. None will underestimate the comfort provided by wood windows. It feels great in a house fitted with wood windows and equipped with wooden furniture. As traditionalists preferred windows for their environmentally friendly factor. The current world prefers wood since it has a negative global warming effect.

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