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There’s no denying the exquisite beauty of slate, clay tile, and cedar rooftops. These traditional roofing materials have been used to build homes in the United States and all over the world for centuries—and are still widely popular today. Highly regarded for the aesthetic character they add to the home’s exterior design, natural wood, stone, and clay materials can seem like an essential choice. After all, these timeless materials are chosen to protect and preserve the look of many classic architectural styles, from French Provincialto Mediterranean, Cape Cod, Tudor, and many more.

But what if you could benefit from the appearance of these natural materials, without having to deal with any of the downsides that they present? For many homeowners, the cons of slate, tile, and cedar rooftops can far outweigh the aesthetic benefits of installation. Clay and slate materials are heavy, expensive, and prone to cracking—while cedar is extremely expensive in the long run and has a lifespan of only around 15 years before needing to be replaced.

Among the many newer, innovative materials used in the construction of residential rooftops today, like fiberglass, asphalt, and metal, polymer-based roofing products are an exceptional option for installation in both new home constructions and roof replacements. Polymer roofing, made from innovative, man-made composite materials, can be manufactured in styles that match the natural beauty of slate, cedar, and also clay or concrete, without the downsides in cost or maintenance of real slate, cedar, and tile.

Smart Home Exteriors is proud to specialize in the installation of beautiful polymer roofing, with top-rated installation services and premium-quality products for our customers in Kansas City and beyond. With over twenty years of experience as roofers in the Midwest, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence as one of the most trusted names in polymer-based products and installation services. We’re dedicated to using only the finest materials from the most highly regarded manufacturers for our roofing and siding projects, which in the case of polymer products means DaVinci Roofscapes’ line of fine composite roofing materials.

About DaVinci Roofscapes

DaVinci Roofscapes is a Kansas City company famous for its exceptional craftsmanship in faux cedar and faux slate roofing products. After over twenty years of advancement in product technology, engineering, and design, DaVinci has perfected the art of the synthetic tile—with plastic composite materials that parallel the color, texture, and design of their real and natural counterparts.

DaVinci products are famous for high-performance and durability and engineered to stand strong in all weather conditions. Fire-proof and water-resistant, environmentally friendly, and highly cost-effective in the long run, DaVinci’s line of polymer roofing products offer a wealth of benefits for the educated consumer seeking the highest return on his or her roofing investment.

DaVinci Slate, Cedar, & Tile

Slate tiles are quite possibly one of the most traditional roofing choices in the history of the United States, with the earliest constructions using the material dating back to the 1600s. Cedar shake and tile are also longtime favorite materials used in roof constructions in the United States, and all three play a significant role in the development and definition of our nation’s home design traditions. 

Another of our country’s greatest traditions is advancement and progress, which is why we’re leading the world in the development of stronger, longer-lasting, and greener materials that enhance the quality of home construction. Polymer roofing materials and DaVinci’s line of composite roofing continue the tradition of beauty and elegance of slate, cedar, and tile rooftops—while also surpassing their durability and performance in the following ways:

Weather Resistance: Unlike other roofing products, polymer composite constructed materials by DaVinci are designed to withstand intense temperature changes and conditions. Slate, cedar, and clay tiles can become damaged in the sun, during hailstorms, strong winds, and other high-impact storms. Specifically, slate is prone to fractures in rigorous freeze and thaw cycles in the winter, while cedar is delicate and is guaranteed to crack, curl, and split in harsh weather conditions, and from water damage.

In contrast, polymer composite materials are weather-resistant, waterproof, and fire-proof as well. In fact, all of DaVinci’s polymer products are categorized with a Class A fire rating, a Class 4 impact rating, and a 110 mph wind rating. Best of all, these materials will never fade or lose their brilliant color—which means that they’ll stay looking beautiful forever.

Cost-Efficiency: Polymer composite roofing is much less expensive than slate to install and much more cost-effective than cedar shake and shingles in the long run. While cedar is cheaper upfront, the cost of maintenance can bring the total up to more than three times the cost of polymer roofing materials, which cost nothing to maintain. Slate is more expensive to install, although maintenance costs are much less than for cedar tiles. Even so, the total long-term investment of faux slate will cost around 50% less than natural slate.


Low-Maintenance: As we mentioned before, polymer rooftops are virtually maintenance-free, and will maintain their beautiful appearance and vibrant color forever. Polymer composite roofing products are engineered to last for fifty years or longer, unlike wood shingles that must be replaced every ten to fifteen years. Slate is known to last much longer than wood, although homeowners living in cold weather areas will need to repair cracks.


Eco-Friendly: DaVinci roofing materials are 100% recyclable and are made from renewable resources that help our planet become more sustainable. For homeowners interested in reducing their carbon footprint, polymer composite materials are an excellent option for rooftop installation and replacement.

DaVinci Roofing Installation in Kansas City

If you’re a homeowner in or around the Kansas City area and are looking for an exceptional roofing company to install your new roof or roof replacement, contact us at Smart Exteriors. Our team of experienced exterior remodeling experts is committed to finding the perfect roofing solutions to suit your unique preferences, your personal style, and budget. 

Whether you’re interested in DaVinci polymer products, asphalt, steel, or tile, our specialists will work closely with you from the start of your project until the final installation is complete. We’re passionate about customer satisfaction and personalized service, which is why we go to great lengths to help our customers understand the various options and installation choices available—to help you create the best plan possible for the success of your renovation.

Make the most out of your roofing investment with the leading Kansas City polymer roofing contractor, Smart Exteriors. To get started, give us a call or click on the chat box to speak to one of our expert roofing specialists now, or fill out our quick online form to receive a free quote.

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