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The entire look of your home is strongly influenced by its roof design—and there’s no better example of this than clay and concrete tiles. While clay and concrete are beautiful materials that have been used in all types of home roofing constructions for centuries, these tiles are most commonly associated with very specific home styles and structures that are native to the areas where they originated.

For example, the terracotta color of clay and its signature barrel shape is heavily linked with the romantic beauty of Southwestern, Spanish, and Mediterranean home styles. Slate, on the other hand, is known for its sleek, sophisticated appearance—perfect when used in English-influenced home constructions, like Gothic Revival, Colonial, and Tudor. As gorgeous and majestic as both roofing materials are, the look of either material can be overpowering on the wrong style home.

Comparatively, concrete tile materials are much more versatile and can be used to create gorgeous rooftops in a diverse range of architectural styles. Concrete is also lighter in weight and a more affordable alternative to natural clay and slate. After twenty years of working with all types of materials for rooftops, Smart Exteriors recognizes the strength and durability of concrete and the benefits of using this material over more traditional products made with natural materials. For these reasons and many more, Smart Exteriors is passionate about concrete tile materials and is proud to use superior-quality, finely crafted concrete products from our preferred manufacturer, Stoneworth Building Products.

A common problem for tile roofing is wood rot underneath the tiles due to drainage. To combat this issue, we install a raised batten that sits on a rubber gasket so water doesn’t sit on the wood. This will ensure you have a beautiful roof for years to come. 

Custom Designs and Color Blends 

Concrete tiles are extremely versatile when it comes to style. These materials are favorites in the world of home design, as concrete tiles can be shaped and colored in more ways than one. For example, clay is typically barrel-shaped, red, and used to achieve a certain look, while slate is usually flat, sleek, and darker-hued or monochromatic. Concrete tile materials, however, can be mixed and molded to imitate both styles perfectly—and also others, like cedar and cypress wood shingles. 

At Smart Exteriors, we use Stoneworth Building Products’ line of gorgeous tile products for concrete tile roofing projects, which comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs. At Smart Exteriors, we work closely with homeowners to select the perfect color and tile shape for the project. Our customers can choose the best colors from our selection of concrete tile shades—which includes signature hues like Aspen, Charcoal, Chocolate, Modena and Terracotta, and blends like Tuscany Plus, Regency Minor, Mission, Catalina, Tudor, and Roman Minor—or create their own custom color for a unique and one-of-a-kind look.

Some options included in Stoneworth Building Products’ style profiles include the Venetian, a curved, barrel-shaped tile reminiscent of homes that line the waterways of Venice, the Oxford, a flat, clean, and modern tile perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes, and the Bristol, which mimics the strength and classic beauty that defines English Regency architectural styles.

The perfect roof should be the icing on the cake—the finishing touch that completes the entire look of the house’s exterior design. To help create the best look for your home’s unique architectural style and design, professional roofing services are an essential part of the process. To get started designing the tiles that best complement your own home’s unique and specific style, visit with one of our friendly exterior designers at Smart Exteriors to begin mixing and matching a personalized style profile from Stoneworth’s collection of stunning tile shapes and designs.

About Our Concrete Tile Materials from Stoneworth Building Products

Stoneworth Building Products is committed to designing tile roof products that are as strong and durable as they are beautiful. While affordable to install, their products are also built to last—and backed by a 50-year limited warranty. Aside from their outstanding versatility in architectural styles of all kinds, some other benefits of choosing concrete tiles from Stoneworth Building Products include:


Concrete tile materials are more environmentally friendly than other options, as they’re man made, do not contain chemical preservatives, are 100% recyclable, and are not dependent on natural resources for production. Concrete is also highly reflective and helps to cool the home in hot weather while keeping it warmer in colder weather, which can help homeowners save money on utility costs.


Stoneworth Building Products’ concrete tiles are long-lasting and durable, lasting up to fifty years or much longer. Our concrete tile products are fire-resistant and can withstand wind speeds of up to 180 miles per hour, and are resistant to damage from insects and pests as well.

Weather Resistance:

Concrete tile products are built to last in even the harshest of weather conditions. Whether it’s hail, ice, pouring rain, or humid and hot—concrete is tough, durable, and strong, and will stay intact, most likely for as long as you own your home.


Most tile roofing materials like slate or clay can be quite expensive to install. Concrete, on the other hand, is much more affordable and is likely to last just as long as slate or clay—eliminating the likelihood of expensive upkeep over the years.

Kansas City’s Concrete Roofing Experts at Smart Exteriors

With over twenty years of experience, Smart Exteriors has built a name for itself as Kansas City’s leading roofing and exterior remodeling company. We are dedicated to providing smart solutions for home renovations, whether you’re in need of a new roof, a siding replacement, gutter repair, or new windows. With personalized service and customer-first pricing, you can trust Smart Exteriors to help you get the home you want at a price you can afford.

For more information about getting started with your next home remodeling project, contact us today at Smart Exteriors. Our friendly team of professional contractors is ready to help you find out more about our concrete tile roofing products and installation services and can assist you in planning your next home renovation. To get started, give us a call to speak with a representative now, or fill out our online form to receive an accurate pricing estimate for our services.

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