Five Stunning Styles for New Kitchen Windows

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If you’re looking around your kitchen and wishing you could spruce things up a bit, installing new windows might be just the trick. Of course, not just any window will give your kitchen the pop that you’re looking for.

Here are five ideas for how you can get the most out of installing new windows in your kitchen, adding more natural light, while making a bold design statement.

1) Sliding Windows

When it comes to adding windows in your kitchen, one factor you have to consider is how to reach them over countertops. Sliding windows, which operate horizontally rather than vertically, are much easier to open and close, making them ideal for kitchens.

Another benefit of sliding windows is that they can be easily scaled, from small windows for over your sink to large windows that can serve as a pass-through between your kitchen and your outdoor spaces.

2) Bay or Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are attractive additions to any room, but they’re especially stunning in a kitchen. These windows not only provide you with abundant natural light and incredible views of your outdoor space, but they also provide an excellent dining space. Whether you make your bay window a comfy breakfast nook or transform it into a formal dining area, adding a bow or bay window in your kitchen will make a strong statement.

3) Garden Windows

For homeowners who love to grow their own herbs, there’s no better answer than installing a garden window. These windows start with a shelf that extends beyond the side of your home. That ledge is then encased with windows on all sides, creating a miniature greenhouse that you can use to grow plants all year long.

A garden window isn’t just about your interior, though it does add a lovely space for your plants, knick-knacks, or additional storage. A garden window also adds a visually striking element to your home’s exterior, meaning you can use your garden window as a display case, whether you’re displaying your greenery or another fun, fanciful element.

4) Picture Windows

Nothing makes quite the statement of a large picture window, allowing rays of natural sunlight to stream into your home while creating a dramatic view of your natural surroundings. These fixed windows can be used to highlight design elements in your kitchen or to provide you with a clear, uninterrupted view of the outdoors as you cook and clean in your kitchen.

Even better, picture windows can be combined with exterior doors, including sliding glass doors and French doors. With these design options, you can bring the outdoors into your home!

5) Classic Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows may seem like a safe choice, but don’t let their classic look limit your imagination. You can combine any number of options, from mullions and transoms to a variety of colors, to find the perfect look. And when you place multiple double-hung windows in a row, the effect can be stunning. You can reinvent the classic double-hung look to make your kitchen your own!

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