Board and Batten Siding is Making a Comeback

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Board and batten siding is coming back in a big way. In today’s post, we’ll explore why board and batten popularity is on the rise and what might make it an attractive option for your home.

What is Board and Batten Siding?

You’ve likely seen board and batten siding, even if you didn’t know that’s what it was called. About 200 years ago, settlers would use board and batten as a method to create log cabins. They would use vertical boards that would be secured together with wooden strips to make the structure airtight and secure. The kinds of insulation that we know today didn’t exist yet, so board and batten patterns served to keep homes hot (or cool).

Today, board and batten is primarily used to give off a relaxed, traditional look, bringing a timeless elegance to the exterior of homes.

What’s Powering the Trend?

Why are people starting to use board and batten again? That’s due to the rise of the “farmhouse chic” style. In this type of construction, a home incorporates elements from a traditional farmhouse. While board and batten can help to accomplish this from the exterior of a home, this trend also moves inside the home through farmhouse sinks, rustic textures, and metal shelving.

Essentially, this new trend is filled with a revitalized love for the charm of the olden days. Board and batten brings back that relaxed look that allows homeowners to dream of a cozy porch swing with a good book and a cup of sweet tea.

Board and batten has some unique characteristics that you simply don’t see with other types of siding. For instance, due to the vertical orientation of the siding, the overall look of the home will change slightly as the day progresses, casting shadows across the boards in different directions.

Notable Perks of Board and Batten Siding

Some people have the impression that board and batten siding is only available in white. However, that’s only because white is the most popular color. One of the big perks of board and batten siding is that you can opt for a wide array of colors. Popular choices include gray, red, black, and blue.

In addition to its trendy look, board and batten siding also helps with the insulation of your home. Regardless of the weather, when you use board and batten on your home, you’ll be saving energy and saving money.

Board and batten has the potential to bring cost savings, too. This is because the manufacturers are able to create precut and pretreated products, which cuts down on labor costs and time spent at the worksite when the siding is installed on a home.

Is Board and Batten Right for You?

Do you simply love breathing new life into traditional materials? Have you fallen in love with the farmhouse chic trend? If so, board and batten might be right for you. With great aesthetic appeal and additional benefits for homeowners, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming so popular!

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