Brookside Roofing Project

Brookside Roofing Contractor

New Roof, 6″ Gutters & Gutter Screens

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The home is meant to be functional yet attractive, and the roof has a lot to do with both of these aspects. In fact, the roof is such a critical component to the overall value of any home construction, as a properly functioning roof protects against inclement weather, leaks, and is the signature stamp of the home’s curb appeal.

For these reasons and many more, it’s so important to find high-quality services for roofing. Kansas City homeowners are particularly susceptible to intense, stormy weather conditions, with icy winters and hot summers—which is why we at Smart Exteriors go above and beyond to ensure that they receive the exceptional roofing services they deserve for a beautiful and long-lasting roof construction.

For one of our Missouri homeowners, our roofing expertise was sorely needed. In what we referred to as our “Day Roofing and Gutter Project”, our contractors faced a number of challenges but were able to solve them for a highly successful outcome.

The home was located in Brookside, MO and was built in 1925. Over the years, the roof developed holes which had led to leaks across the house. In addition to this problem, the gutters were constantly clogged, which only made the leaking problem worse. We knew that success with this project depended on our ability to address both issues and bring harmony to the functionality of the roof.

The first thing we did once we got started was to remove the existing roof all the way down to the decking. After everything was removed, we installed new underlayment and flashing as the base. Once that was completed, we proceeded to install new GAF Timberline HD roofing shingles in a classic Mission Brown color. These shingles are designed to add a level of durability and long-lasting life that was previously missing for the homeowner.

However, the new roof still didn’t address the gutter problem. We addressed that concern by installing all-new 6” gutters along with a stainless steel micro-mesh gutter screen. The new gutter system allows water to flow out and away from the house more effectively with the gutter screen heavily reducing the likelihood of debris getting stuck and clogging the system.

Thanks to the combination installation, the Day Roofing and Gutter Project was successfully completed and the homeowner was the proud owner of a roof and gutter system that didn’t leak. This also meant that the home improved enormously in regards to its aesthetic value, and would remain unaffected from deterioration caused by leaking gutters and excess water exposure. The team was proud of what we accomplished with this project and glad to deliver results that surpassed the expectations of the customer.