Celect PVC Siding Project in Kansas City

Celect PVC Kansas City Siding Replacement

Searching for Celect PVC Siding in Kansas City? Siding replacement projects are necessary for a number of reasons ranging from performance issues to curb appeal. The siding is the home’s primary method of keeping the home protected and showing off how attractive the home can be. Sometimes, additional challenges are present with siding replacement. This was the case for the Grayes siding project.

For this project, we were brought in to help restore a home located in Kansas City, MO that was built in 1890. The home still had the original asbestos siding on the home, and it had broken down and deteriorated in many places. The challenge for our team arose when the homeowner communicated the desire to maintain the historic look with upgraded materials that would eliminate the need for constant maintenance present with the current siding. Kansas City homeowners can face a variety of concerns when it comes to choosing the right construction materials, as the right siding needs to withstand the climate and intense weather conditions of our Midwestern location.

We worked with the homeowner to explore different siding options. The owner was impressed with the look and proven durability of Celect cellular PVC siding, and chose to have us install it in the color of Carriage Red. This is a bold color choice that can provide a timeless rustic charm or add an edge to complete an overall contemporary look, which is the direction the owner decided on for the renovation.

To complete the contemporary look, new vinyl trim and soffit was installed in the color Whicker. Whicker is a gray color that when paired with a vibrant red adds a modern touch that stands out and demands attention. To finish off the bold look, we wrapped the existing fascia in aluminum to match the whicker trim.

As a way to ensure that the siding would be protected, we also installed a new 5” seamless gutter system with matching 3X4 downspouts to prevent water from pooling on the house. The owner was thrilled with the finished results and loved the striking contrast between bright red and medium gray. More than that, the owner loved the lack of maintenance present with Celect siding making the Grayes siding project a successful project.