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If your home has gutters installed, you’re probably aware of gutter cleaning and the level of maintenance they need to work at peak performance. Gutter maintenance depends on a rigorous cleaning routine to keep them working properly, which is why many homeowners prefer to install gutter guards as a way to improve the functionality of their gutter system without the constant upkeep.

Can I Clean My Own Gutters?

While unprotected gutters should be cleaned regularly and often throughout the year, spring is an especially important season for gutter cleaning in Kansas City. After the fall leaves and winter storms have passed, gutters that are not equipped with an efficient gutter guard system tend to become filled with debris, and the risk for serious clogs is higher.

While you may be dreading having to clean them out, you may be wondering if it is best to just have them cleaned professionally. In this article from our team of Kansas City gutter guard installers at Smart Exteriors, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of DIY gutter cleaning and offer our expert advice on what you can do to cut down your gutter maintenance.

What About DIY Kansas City Gutter Cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning your own gutters, there are a few factors that you need to consider. After all, climbing onto your roof to provide maintenance to your home is always risky for those not trained as professional contractors. Even the healthiest, most physically fit individuals put themselves in danger when climbing up to the top of the roof to clear out their gutter systems, and extreme caution is advised if you are planning on doing it yourself.

You’ll also need to gather the correct tools required for gutter cleaning, which will vary depending on your investment into cleaning your gutters. Professional gutter cleaning supplies will cost more, while simple cleaning solutions are also an option—depending on the state of your gutter system. The basics tools and equipment you’ll need might include a tall, sturdy ladder, durable rubber gloves, a hand trowel or a small rake, garbage bags, and a power washer wand or a high-pressure hose. You might also want to use a plumber’s snake for cleaning out the downspout, which can also become clogged with a variety of large and small debris—from leaves and twigs to birds’ nests and more.

The Pros and Cons of DIY Gutter Cleaning

If you’re considering cleaning your own gutters, you’ll need to learn how to clean them and also how to identify important issues with your gutters that need attention. This step is especially important, as it can save the homeowner plenty of money in repair or replacement costs should they be able to prevent an issue before it becomes a problem.

To help you decide whether cleaning your own gutter system is worth it, here’s a breakdown of some of the major pros and cons of DIY gutter cleaning in Kansas City.

DIY Gutter Cleaning Pros:

  • Affordable: Cleaning your gutters yourself will require little cost up front if you have the right tools to do the job. However, homeowners run the risk of missing a potential problem that could cost more money in the long-run.
  • Scheduling Flexibility: Cleaning your own gutters can mean operating according to your own schedule instead of someone else’s. If you’re short on time or only available on weekends, doing it yourself might be your only option.

DIY Gutter Cleaning Cons:

  • Dangerous: Climbing up and down a ladder, working on top of the roof, and reaching into piles of leaves in your gutters can pose all types of dangers, from animal bites to minor scrapes, cuts, and bruises, serious injuries or death. Working on top of the roof in slippery, wet, or windy weather conditions is strongly discouraged.
  • Time Consuming: Between dragging out all of your supplies, washing out your gutters and downspouts, and making any repairs, the time you could spend cleaning your gutters can really add up.
  • Poor Quality Cleaning: Most homeowners are not professional gutter cleaners. Professionals know exactly what to do and how to spot any repairs you may need, using safety protocols for protection.
  • Can Cause Further Damage: Going along with your inexperience, your cleaning techniques could potentially cause more damage to your home.

The Pros and Cons of Professional Gutter Cleaning

It’s safe to say that for homeowners in Kansas City, professional gutter cleaning is the easiest and most effective way to provide continual maintenance for homes without gutter guard protection. A professional team can also help to determine any spots o your gutters that need attention or repairs. However, this can be costly depending on the size of your home and gutter configuration, and you will have to pay this charge every year—at the very least.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most important pros and cons of professional gutter cleaning in Kansas City.

Professional Gutter Cleaning Pros:

  • Safe: Having a professional clean your gutters will prevent you from suffering from potential falls, pest bites, or other injuries associated with gutter cleaning.
  • Quality Cleaning: Gutter cleaning professionals are usually experienced and will know exactly how to clean your gutters, inspect for problems, and how to fix the issues that come up.

Professional Gutter Cleaning Cons:

  • Costly: Gutter cleaning in Kansas City can be costly, depending on how large your gutter system is.
  • Repeat Routine: Clogged gutters are a risk all year-round, and especially after the fall and winter months. As such, regular gutter cleaning will require periodic visits from your professional Kansas City gutter cleaning company.
  • Risk of Scams: Finding the right company to service your home can be risky. Shady or even fraudulent companies might overcharge you, or try to sell you on repairs you might not need.
  • Strangers Around Your Home: If you’re used to privacy, hiring gutter cleaners to service your home once a year or more can become tiring or stressful.

Building a Smarter Gutter: Smarter Solutions to Reduce Your Gutter Cleaning Needs

One of the easiest ways to cut down your gutter maintenance while saving time and money, in the long run, is having a set of gutter guards installed. Gutter guard installation in Kansas City is a great investment—not only to not have to clean out your gutters but to protect your home from damages caused by clogs.

Clogged gutters can cause damages to your roof, eaves, soffit, and fascia—and even destroy your home’s lawn and foundation as water builds up in concentrated spots around your gutter system. A set of stainless steel, micro-mesh gutter guards from Smart Exteriors can eliminate the need for dangerous DIY disasters, or prevent you from spending a fortune on endless professional gutter cleaning services. Stainless steel, micro-mesh gutter guards are proven to keep out even the tiniest debris throughout the year, cutting down your maintenance requirements and eliminating the risk of dangerous clogs that cause water damage to your home.

Superior Gutter Guard Installation In Kansas City

Smart Exteriors’ team of professionals are highly trained in providing you with the expert guidance you need to choose the perfect gutter guard system for your home. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands.

Our flexible financing options allow you to fit your new gutter guards into any type of budget. To get a free quote for your new gutter guard installation in Kansas City, give us a call at Smart Exteriors or fill out our online request form now.