Are Gutter Guards Worth the Cost?

gutter guard cost

If your gutter system isn’t directing water away from your home, the most likely cause is clogs. Gutters get easily filled with twigs, leaves, bird nests, and other debris, putting your house at risk of damaging moisture leaks. But no one enjoys clearing their gutters, right? 

Gutter guards (also known as gutter covers) address that problem beautifully. They keep out debris, reduce the frequency for gutter maintenance, and add valuable protection. Here’s a look at why they’re worth the investment.

How Gutter Guards Enhance Your Drainage System

Are you seeing rain teem off the eaves of your roof in worrisome little waterfalls? That’s a sure sign your gutters are clogged. As debris gets stuck inside them, water can’t flow through them—and that means you’re more likely to see moisture sneaking into your eaves or pooling around your foundation.

Gutter guards fit snugly over your gutter system. They come in a variety of designs—but all of them are made to invite water to flow in, while keeping leaves and dirt out. 

Benefits You’ll Receive with Gutter Guards

When gutters are wide open and exposed to the elements, it’s easy for them to get clogged. By reducing this problem, you’ll experience several benefits worth investing in:

Significantly less maintenance

When they’re wide open to the air, gutters need to be cleaned out frequently. But with properly installed covers, they only need to be cleaned a couple times a year. 

Lasting performance

When gutters stay clear, they’re also more likely to stay firmly in place without cracking or getting off-kilter. As a result, your gutter system is more likely to last as long as possible before needing replacement due to age. 

Prevention of leaks

When your drainage system is free of debris, water can flow freely. This ensures it doesn’t pool on your roof or around your foundation—two major spots where water leaks can cause costly damage if not prevented.

No room for pests

Birds and other critters can’t nest in your gutters, reducing debris, as well as making your roof and attic less tempting as a home for unwanted pests.

Fewer ice dams

When moisture doesn’t drain off your roof in winter, it can refreeze at the eaves (your roof’s edges). This leads to ice dams—large chunks of ice that increase the risk of leaks through your eaves and into your home. By helping water flow away, gutter guards help prevent this problem.

Better protection for your home

Clogged gutters contribute concerns like mold, mildew, soil erosion, weakened landscaping, flooding in basements, and more. Gutter covers help prevent these problems.

How to Get the Best Results from Gutter Guards

To make the most of your investment, consider these factors as you decide what gutter guards to install.

Opt for the right material and design

There are many types of gutter covers to choose from, and it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each before you make your investment. Among the various designs and materials, stainless steel and aluminum products tend to last longest and block the most debris.

Maintain the system properly

Gutter guards are definitely low maintenance—but they still need some care to perform at their best. You won’t have to clean them constantly, but you should check them a couple times a year to ensure they’re securely in place and remove the minimal amount of debris there may be on top of them.

Choose professional installation over DIY

Gutter systems—including gutter guards—must be properly aligned to promote swift, smooth drainage off your roof and away from your foundation. This is hard to accomplish if you’re not experienced in the process—so it’s best to leave the installation to experts (like us!) to guarantee the optimal results.

Lasting, Low-Maintenance Gutter Guards You Can Count On

It’s important to ensure your gutter system remains clear and free of debris. Why not make that process simple with lasting gutter covers that prevent clogs in the first place?

At Smart Exteriors, our expert team perfectly installs gutter guards that are guaranteed to look great and perform optimally—without a lot of maintenance or fuss. We even provide free cleaning, resealing, and realignment if you ever need it. Learn more about how our gutter guard services can make it easier than ever to care for your home.