Are Gutter Guards Worth the Cost?

gutter guard cost

If you’re considering installing gutter guards—you’re probably fed up with the constant clogging of your gutter system. Gutter systems only work well when water is able to run through them efficiently. Without a proper system in place, your gutters will only work properly if you’re constantly on top of your roof cleaning them out or hiring someone else to do it for you.

Clearly, this will cost you time, money, and plenty of stress throughout the year as you attempt to protect your home from water damage. If left unchecked, your home will be exposed to water build-up and water damage over time. This is why many households turn to gutter guards as a way to protect their homes from water damage without the heavy maintenance and expensive upkeep.

But are gutter guards worth it? Well, the answer is that it depends.

In this article from your trusted Kansas City home remodeling experts at Smart Exteriors, we’ll explain why some gutter guard products are just not worth the cost of installation, while other products absolutely are.

Choosing Your Gutter Guard Products

As with any home remodeling project, the success of it will depend on the skill of your contractor and the quality of your materials. This is no different than with gutter guards, as there are both bad and good installers and products to choose from. Choosing wisely in both areas will give your project the best chances it has to perform well, protect your home, and save you plenty of money down the road.

That said, there are many types of gutter guard products out there—from foam and bottle brush gutter guards, screens and reverse curve systems, and others. While homeowners might save money on the installation of these products, as they tend to cost less than premium gutter guard materials made of surgical-grade steel mesh, these materials just don’t work as well. Each one of them has its own list of pros and cons, but in general, most gutter guard systems just aren’t worth the cost—as they tend to deteriorate quickly, let in significant amounts of leaves and other debris, and will need to be replaced or cleaned out constantly.

Surgical-Grade Steel Mesh Gutter Guard Systems

According to Consumer Reports and dozens of other home remodeling authority groups in the United States, steel mesh gutter guard systems are the only gutter guard products on the market that work like they’re supposed to. Steel mesh gutter guard systems keep out even the tiniest debris from the gutters, banishing insects, leaves, dirt, animals, and other materials that routinely make their way through other types of filtering systems. They also hold up strong over time, lasting a lot longer than gutter guards made with foam, plastic, wire bristles, or flimsy metal screens.

As we mentioned before, surgical-grade steel mesh gutter guards are more expensive than other systems. However, while you won’t save money on your installation, it’s safe to say that the reliability and high-performance that steel mesh gutter guards offer will more than make up for the extra costs over time.

Our Opinion: Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

When it comes to gutter guards, we know just how ineffective inferior-quality products are—and how frustrating it can be for homeowners trying to make the most out of their investment. There’s nothing worse than spending money on home improvement products that just don’t last, or that fail to provide the value you’d hoped for when having them installed.

If you ask us, the choice is clear—surgical-grade, steel mesh gutter guard systems are the only products out there worth the cost of installation. Other products on the market don’t come close to the effectiveness, long-lasting durability, and practicality that steel mesh gutter guards offer. After all, no one is interested in throwing away good money on an installation that doesn’t work and won’t last, no matter how cheap or inexpensive it may be. If you’re considering installing anything but premium steel mesh gutter guards, take our advice—skip installation and save your hard-earned money instead.

For us, the answer is simple: surgical-grade, steel mesh gutter guards are the only option to consider when it comes to your home. No other product will effectively protect your home over the course of a lifetime, or add serious value to your home investment like high-quality steel mesh gutter guard systems will.

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