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Sometimes, people relocate and purchase a new home, which means they inherit any problems missed or unaddressed by the previous owner. A common problem is underperforming siding due to shoddy installations, poor or aging siding materials, or both. Siding can lose its beauty, performance, or become unable to resist environmental concerns—especially older or low-quality siding materials that have aged out or suffered from lack of maintenance. When this occurs, full siding replacement is often needed.

Fortunately, today’s siding products are better made than ever before, with materials designed to last for ages without heavy upkeep or constant maintenance required for older constructions. For example, with James Hardie siding, Stillwell, KS homeowners can rest assured that their installations will stand up against inclement weather while remaining beautiful for decades—without the tiring cycle of cleaning, constant repairs, and other hassles.

One of our recent projects at Smart Exteriors, which we refer to as the Parker Siding Project dealt with a new homeowner of an aging home equipped with old, wood siding materials that had not received proper maintenance in the past. The homeowners had recently relocated from Florida and purchased their home in Stillwell, KS. The home was built in 1996 making it a fairly young construction. However, the owner discovered right away that wood rot was a significant problem for the existing siding and requested assistance from our team at Smart Exteriors to address the problem.

Since the siding was already rotting in multiple places, the only solution was to cut out all of the existing rotten siding and replace it with new OSB sheathing. Once the sheathing was installed, we could proceed to the siding installation step. We installed all-new James Hardie pre-finished lap siding in our James Hardie cobblestone finish. The homeowner wanted a uniform appearance for the home so he elected to have us install pre-finished James Hardie trim and soffit, also in a cobblestone finish. We finished by wrapping the fascia in matching cobblestone aluminum.

In addition to the problems with the siding, it was determined that the gutters needed attention as well. To ensure that the moisture problems that caused the wood rot would no longer remain, we installed brand-new 6” gutters as well as stainless steel, micro-mesh gutter guards. These two new items are specifically designed to drive water down and away from the house properly without becoming clogged with leaves and debris.

Ultimately, the project was a complete success and the homeowner was more than satisfied with not only the home’s beauty but the improved functionality and protection against environmental concerns.