Kansas City Gutter Guard Project

Kansas City Gutter Guard Contractor

Remove & Replace existing gutters & downspouts. Install new fine screen mesh gutter guards

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One of the most impactful ways to improve the home’s functionality while preserving its beauty for years to come is by focusing on the gutters. Kansas City homes require excellent gutter systems to function well—and are an extremely important yet often forgotten aspect of the home’s construction. Good gutter systems protect the roof and siding and are designed to preserve the entire structure of the home by preventing excessive water build-up due to clogs. Without the gutters, the water can’t flow properly down and away from the house, resulting in roof problems as well as serious foundation problems over time.

As important as the gutters are, however, they can be seriously difficult to maintain. Gutters without high-quality gutter guard systems in place are susceptible to constant clogging, which leads to overflowing of water and water damage to the home. Beyond gutter guards, the type of gutter guards chosen to protect the gutters are also important—as many types of gutter guards on the market are proven to be ineffective against clogs and will still require constant maintenance and cleaning to keep up.

Recently, our team was brought in to install new gutter guards in Kansas City. The home in question was located in the middle of Kansas City, MO and was built in 1955. The owner was a single grandmother of eight who had decided that enough was enough—she was done with climbing ladders to clean out the gutter system of her tree-surrounded home in Missouri. That’s where our expertise came into play.

We needed a solution that would keep the gutters debris without sacrificing its ability to direct water flow. To that end, we installed brand-new 5” seamless gutters with corresponding 3X4 downspout delivering unmatched water flow from the roof to ground. We took the solution a step further by installing stainless steel micro-mesh gutter screens. These gutter screens not only come with a lifetime warranty, but they also offer a no-clog guarantee! The screens are surgical-grade, meaning organic materials can’t grow or stay on the screen making it a snap for water and wind to brush the loose debris away.

The owner was beyond thrilled with the new gutter system and gutter guards thanks to the timeless look of stainless steel, but more importantly, climbing the ladder is now a thing of the past so she can spend more time enjoying her grandchildren instead of keeping up with the maintenance of the house. For the team, it was a pleasure to bring such relief to our homeowner with a low-maintenance solution, and we were proud to name the Decaigney project a successful one.