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It’s true that siding replacement projects are quite common in the home exterior remodeling industry. However, sometimes it can be tricky for homeowners to get the assistance they need to get the job done in a meaningful functional way. This is especially true when the issue is an insurance concern—as was the case for the Brown siding project we completed.

The Brown siding project was a tricky yet ultimately rewarding project for the team to take on. The home in question was a rental home located right in Kansas City, MO and was built in 1965. The home was finished in aluminum siding that had suffered wind damage due to strong wind storms that are prevalent in the Midwest and Kansas City area. The owner called us out to meet with the insurance company to assess the damages as a part of the evaluation process. It was found that damage only occurred to the rear elevation, which means the insurance company was only willing to cover the repairs for the back of the home.

However, one of our policies at Smart Exteriors is to never leave a job half done—so we researched the existing siding to determine how feasible siding repair was. Turns out that the existing siding product had been discontinued, so we successfully appealed to the insurance company for them to cover more of the project than they had originally agreed on. They eventually proceeded to cover the total cost of replacing all of the siding, soffit, and fascia for the entire home, an outcome that meant that the homeowner would receive the proper installation services that their home and investment required.

Once approved, we got to work installing new Steel Siding. Kansas City homes can truly benefit from strong, durable, premium-quality steel siding products. In this case, we helped the homeowner to select gorgeous, high-performance Revere siding in Graphite for a sleek and modern appearance. Once the design was chosen, we got to work removing the existing aluminum siding and then replacing it with all-new OSB sheathing. The sheathing helps to secure the siding to the building making for a secure installation that lasts. Once the sheathing was properly placed, we installed the stunning steel siding from Revere for the final touch.

We work hard to provide a solution that is visually appealing without compromising on functionality. Properly installed, steel siding by Revere is highly durable and tougher against impacts and wind damage than aluminum—making for a solution that lasts for years after the installation is complete. The owner was beyond satisfied with the results, making the Brown siding project a successful home renovation that will provide significant value for decades.