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Remove existing deck and build new larger deck

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A common project homeowners take on is an addition to the home to enhance its value and expand its square footage. Additions can be new rooms that integrate into the rest of the home, or they can also be exterior additions like porches, porch enclosures, screen rooms, sunrooms, and decks—just to name a few.

Just like the house, any additions installed are only as good as the maintenance and installation, along with the products used for the construction. Additions that are no longer performing optimally not only look bad but also become unsafe—and can even compromise the house itself depending on how integrated the addition is with the rest of the home.

Previously, our team at Smart Exteriors was called in as deck builder. Lee’s Summit homes often have the space for beautiful deck additions—and many homeowners either want to renovate their old construction or to install a completely new one to upgrade their homes.
In this project, the deck in question was an existing one located in a Lee’s Summit home originally built in 1995. Originally, the deck served as a nice complement to the home, but over the years rot and decay had set which was causing the deck to literally waste away. The owners needed a solution that was effective, but more importantly, affordable. Our master deck builder determined after the inspection that the entire deck needed to be removed as the intense weather conditions and lack of maintenance had resulted in rotted out wood—making it extremely unstable and unsafe for use.

Once we had our plan of action we got to work removing the rest of the deck and basically set the new deck up to be done from scratch. Sometimes it actually costs more to repair the damage than it is to replace the damage, and this happened to be the case with this deck renovation project. The new deck was actually built to be slightly larger than it had been and ended up being an additional 2’ in length. Accomplishing this additional length required us to install new concrete piers for the additional support needed.

Besides rebuilding, we wanted to ensure that the deck would actually last. That’s why the new deck was built with treated lumber and further supported with aluminum balusters. Treated wood is moisture resistant making concerns like rot and decay far less likely to occur. The balusters add beauty while also providing additional protection, which results in a stronger construction that’s also more attractive at the same time.

By the time the project was completed, the owner was overjoyed to have such a strong deck at an affordable rate and was very pleased with the final results of the deck construction. Our team at Smart Exteriors is also proud to share the results of the Huddleston project as an example of another one of our team’s successes in affordable and high-quality home improvement.