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Pre-FInished LP SmartSIde Diamond Kote – Bedrock

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At Smart Exteriors, siding replacement is one of our most requested exterior renovation projects as top contractors in the Kansas City area. After all, siding is necessary to keep the home protected and functional—and it’s the first thing people might notice when they visit or pass by your home. Siding is, therefore, a critical factor in demonstrating positive curb appeal and in promoting a safer and more comfortable living environment. When done right, new siding installation can accomplish both in a seamless blend of function and beauty, which is why it’s such an excellent investment for homes with underperforming siding installations.

We had the chance to demonstrate our prowess as one of the highest-rated LP Smart Siding installers in the Midwest with the Jahraus Siding Project—a recent siding replacement installation in Missouri. The home was located in Parkville, MO and was originally built in 1979. By the time we received the call from the owner, the home’s exterior showed excessive signs of wood rot and decay. Since the house was surrounded by woods and nature, the owners wanted a siding that blended in with the surroundings without compromising on its ability to hold up to the elements.

Once we had those guidelines established, we got to work by first cutting out all of the existing rotten siding and replacing it with new OSB sheathing. We worked with the owners to select a siding that would satisfy their desire for a lush, earth-themed appearance that matched its natural setting, leading to us installing lap siding by LP SmartSiding that was pre-finished by Wasau.

This siding featured additional protection thanks to its Diamond Kote, Duotone finish, which comes pre-fabricated in the factory and is warranted against fade and discoloration. Since the house was surrounded by trees, the color chosen was Bedrock. This color is a grayish brown shade that offers rustic woodsy charm, blending perfectly with the home’s woodsy setting surrounded by trees. This siding was complemented by a new soffit, trim, and fascia all in a coffee color that featured the Diamond Kote finish. This coffee color is a slightly darker brown designed to add just a touch of refinement to the overall rugged color scheme, making for a striking visual appearance.

Since wood rot was the main problem, this indicated that there was a possible problem with the water flow in the gutter system. We evaluated the roof’s gutters and were able to confirm that there was an issue with debris becoming trapped in the gutter system leading to leaks. We were able to rectify this concern with new seamless 5” gutters and 3X4 downspouts. The homeowners selected a dark bronze finish that played off the dark browns of the siding perfectly. Some windows were also affected by rot so they were replaced by full-frame wood windows by Lincoln windows.

We work with our customers to blend the need for design with uncompromising performance. The owners wanted a home that looked and felt like it was part of nature, and we succeeded in this endeavor. LP SmartSiding is designed to be resistant to the elements and highly durable overall. On all counts, the Jahraus siding project was a complete success.