LP SmartSide Shake Siding Project in Kansas City

LP SmartSide Shake Siding Pre-Finished with Diamond Pre

One of our favorite projects to take on is siding replacement. Siding is responsible for being the first line of defense against the elements as well as insects, animals, and loose debris. In addition, the siding is one of the first things people notice making it an important factor in a home’s overall curb appeal. New siding installation should ensure both concerns are addressed in equal measure, with premium-quality products engineered for long-lasting beauty and outstanding durability.

Recently, the team at Smart Exteriors was brought in to assist with a home located in Kansas City, MO that was built in 1922. This project became known as the Valdivia siding project. Upon arrival, we got to work evaluating the home. Once we began inspecting the current siding installation, we immediately discovered the root of the problem. The original shake shingling was worn out and no longer functioning as well as it should. In addition, the siding was showing signs of wear and tear that couldn’t be addressed with simple repairs or cosmetic re-staining alone. As a result, the homeowner wanted to replace the old siding with a product that would maintain the existing look of the home but updated to improve both appearance and strength in function.

As LP SmartSiding installers, we knew exactly the right siding products that would get the job done and presented our homeowner with our recommendations. It was decided that we would install pre-finished LP SmartSide shake shingles and quickly agreed on a plan for the installation. The shingles chosen were pre-finished by Wasau in Pelican, a lighter gray tone that is neutral enough not to overpower the surrounding natural setting, and that would stand out enough to catch the eye at the same time—resulting in a truly beautiful home transformation that was subtle but effective in improving the home’s appearance. Plus, the natural layout of shake shingles added a depth to the home’s dimensions that only enhanced the home’s curb appeal even more.

The surrounding trees were also a concern for the homeowner, considering how close to the house they were located. Loose debris is quite common with so many trees nearby and constant gutter clogs were a significant problem. To solve the issue and to prevent water damage to the home from clogged gutters, we installed new seamless gutters along with stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards for an attractive cap to the home. The new gutter system would direct the water flow away from the house without clogging, effectively reducing the home’s constant maintenance needs while protecting against serious water damage and overflowing.

The owner was satisfied with the results making the Valdivia siding project yet another win for the team at Smart Exteriors. With gorgeous and high-quality siding and a brand-new gutter system, the original design and beauty of the home were preserved for years to come—along with the additional benefits of improved protection and reduction in the maintenance required to keep it up.