Is it Time for New Windows?

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As the seasons change, it becomes more important to stay on top of how well the home is functioning. Everything from the roof to the siding needs to be in strong working condition to protect against inclement weather. One of the trickiest parts of the home to evaluate are the window installations.

Windows are an undeniably important part of the home’s functionality and beauty. The state of your windows also play a role in the energy efficiency of the home, and help to insulate and regulate the indoor climate. How successful the windows are in making the home look, feel, and perform at its best depend on their condition—and the condition of your windows is tied directly to the quality of your window materials, the age of your windows, and the level of maintenance and upkeep you’ve given them over the years. 

At Smart Exteriors, we know how intimidating it can be for homeowners to consider new window replacements for the home. Windows can be expensive, and it’s easy to fall back on quick fixes and repairs, even when replacement is clearly the best option. In this guide, we’ll share some of the signs that it’s time for new windows—and how the benefits of this important investment can enhance your home, your lifestyle, and so much more.

Signs You Need Replacement Windows

The good news is that windows can often be repaired instead of needing a full replacement. Unfortunately, this only works if the damage is minor and the windows aren’t too old and falling apart. Old or obviously damaged windows will almost always need replacement.

However, you shouldn’t wait for your windows to deteriorate before replacing them. You may need a new window installation sooner if the following issues are present:

  • Outside Noises are Louder: Don’t get us wrong, noise should filter through the window when it is sufficiently loud enough. That doesn’t mean that your neighbors should sound as if they were inside your home with you. This kind of problem is indicative of a degraded window seal or an improperly installed window, which can open up a lot more problems in the future.
  • Drafts: Closed windows mean you don’t want the outside air coming through. With a draft, that outside air comes inside anyway. When this happens, you need replacement windows because it means the windows are incorrectly installed or the seal is faulty.
  • Rising Bills: Significant jumps in utility bill costs when compared to past seasons are a sign that the windows aren’t performing as they should. While there are other potential culprits, malfunctioning windows is one of the main ones.
  • Damaged frames: If the window frames are soft, heavily chipped, or have water damage then it’s time for replacement windows. Windows are only as good as the frame they’re in. Plus, the aesthetic appeal goes down significantly when the frame is damaged.
  • Hard to use: Windows should close or open easily and seamlessly. In addition, they should lock in place instead of sliding down a couple of inches. If you’re noticing the windows getting harder to operate, it’s best to replace now instead of later.
  • Condensation: When condensation builds up in between the panes of your windows, this is the sign of a faulty seal. The only solution is replacement.

Why Quality Matters for a New Window Installation

At this point, you have an idea of when it’s time to replace your new windows, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to just grab any window you can find to replace them. Windows should last for a couple of decades. If the window isn’t up to par, then you’ll be spending money on new windows sooner than you planned. At an average price range of $600-$1,500, this isn’t an expense to play around with. 

So what are the things you should look for in your new windows? For starters, it’s important to consider the material the windows are made out of. Every option has its merits, which should be discussed with a professional window contractor. The most common materials are:

  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass

Besides the material, it’s also important to consider the style of the window you want. This is where curb appeal and overall functionality come into play. Did you know that bay windows extend out past the house, which can increase the square footage available? Did you also know that installing all-new bay windows costs a bit more due to the natural size of this window?

Every section of the house has windows they’re best suited to. Some of the most common styles i

  • Sliding windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Picture windows
  • Casement windows
  • Bay windows
  • Garden windows

There are numerous window brands out there today, which means there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the additional features high-quality windows have. Look for the following features in your next set of windows:

  • Double or triple-pane
  • ENERGY STAR certification
  • Argon or Krypton gas-filled
  • Low-E coatings

When considering these additional features, be sure to match them to your environment. Not every feature is necessary for every environment, so check and see what your climate requires and buy according to your needs.

Brands to Consider

The window industry is packed with multiple brands and dealers. It can be confusing to determine which one offers the quality you need. The key is to identify which brands stand out for the right reasons. To help you get started on your research, we’ve put together a list of brands to consider.

  • Alside: This brand is known for its high-quality energy-efficient vinyl windows. Offering multiple classic window styles including double-hung and bay. Even better, they can be custom made to fit existing window openings.
  • Andersen: Hands-down, Alside is one of the leading manufacturers of windows. They specialize in double-hung and casement styles and are available at Home Depot and through the Renewal by Andersen name via certified installers.
  • Integrity from Marvin: Another top performer. This brand loves embracing efficiency, which translates to a highly performing window. Keep in mind this brand is priced at a premium, and available throughout independent distributors only.
  • Pella: The Pella brand is marked by excellence throughout its history. In addition to multiple styles and materials, they focus on high-efficiency thanks to the argon-filled glass and low-E coatings. Look for them in Pella-owned stores, authorized dealers, and even Lowe’s via specific lines.

Never Forget the Contractor for New Window Installation

The best windows are nothing when paired with improper installation. Windows require proper sealing and a perfect fit to ensure full function and operation. As such, it’s critical that you choose a window contractor that is both qualified and trained to install the windows you choose.

Our team at Smart Exteriors works hard to offer the best replacement window services to our customers through a combination of expert installation and superior products backed by nearly unlimited design options. For more information about window replacement, or to schedule a free, in-home estimate for your home remodeling needs in Kansas City, give us a call or fill out our quick and easy online form.

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