Parkville James Hardie Siding Project

Parkville James Hardie Siding Contractor

Install new James Hardie pre-finished lap siding

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When it comes to our work with James Hardie siding—Parkville, MO contractors at Smart Exteriors know that even the most common projects can bring additional challenges that make the job difficult. Our team knows that each project requires its own specific set of solutions—which is why we’re always determined to approach each project with the personalized attention and careful consideration it deserves.

After over 20 years in the business, we’ve learned that the key to a successful remodel is to take each project step-by-step, communicating extensively with our customers to understand exactly what they want while preparing them and guiding them throughout each phase of the project. One such project the team at Smart Exteriors faced was the Willits-Smith siding project which involved installing James Hardie Siding in Parkville, MO.

In this project, the home was located in Parkville, MO and built-in 1981. As an older home construction, there were multiple challenges that our crew had to overcome to get the job done correctly. For starters, the surrounding terrain was uneven and made ladder/scaffolding set up along with material transportation difficult to initially accomplish. In addition, the unique architecture of the home itself presented a challenge to our crew that forced us to make adjustments to our installation process to account for the unique design of the home.

At Smart Exteriors, we don’t let challenges stand in our way or compromise the work we deliver, which is why after making our adjustments we got right to work by first removing the old siding before beginning the installation process. The homeowner chose a warm and comforting theme for the design, choosing to install James Hardie siding finished in Khaki Brown. To maintain the warm theme, the trim along with the soffit and fascia was installed with James Hardie pre-finished trim in Navajo beige along with matching Navajo beige aluminum.

We believe in going the extra mile so we also took the time to install stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards that are designed to reduce the amount of gutter maintenance needed to practically zero. When the Willits-Smith siding project was completed, it was deemed a complete success—with a complete home redesign featuring beautiful, warm earth tones and a wealth of benefits from high-quality weather protection and long-lasting durability.