Pleasant Hill Premium Vinyl Project

Replace old steel siding with new premium vinyl

Siding replacement is one of the most requested exterior improvement projects requested from our customers at Smart Exteriors. It’s not hard to understand why siding replacement is so important, as the siding on a house can make or break the home’s functionality and aesthetics in obvious and critical ways.

Properly functioning siding keeps the home itself protected from the elements and many other threats. Additionally, the appearance of your siding contributes heavily to its curbside appeal—and old and deteriorating siding can strongly detract from the aesthetic value of your home.

Smart Exteriors recently had the chance to update a home that was badly in need of a siding makeover. The home, located in Pleasant Hill, MO, was constructed in 1968. The home featured dated green aluminum siding that not only looked unattractive but had been heavily dented over the years thanks to numerous hail storms. The homeowner also expressed an interest in transforming the ranch-style home with a classic look—which was a challenge we were more than happy to take on as experts in siding installations for homes in Missouri.

We got to work by first removing all of the existing aluminum siding from the home. In its place, we installed new 25’ premium Royal woodland vinyl siding. The siding was finished in classic white, which is the ultimate color choice for a sense of timeless class desired with classic architecture. We completed this classic look by wrapping the soffit in white vinyl and the fascia in matching aluminum.

While vinyl is technically made of plastic, our premium vinyl siding options have undergone years of expert engineering. The result is well-made, exceptional product that can handle the extreme weather conditions of the Kansas City and Midwest areas—making it far more durable than the aluminum it replaced for this home.

Even better, our premium vinyl offering boasts minimal maintenance, meaning you get to actually enjoy your home without worrying about the constant cleaning and upkeep that other materials require. The homeowner was thrilled with the immediate benefits of premium vinyl siding, as with the beauty and timeless look of the finished home in traditional Classic White. With upgraded siding and a beautiful new look, this home is sure to withstand the test of time—enjoying a long life of increased value, improved indoor comfort, and significantly enhanced beauty with its refreshed yet classic appearance.