James Hardie Siding Project in Grain Valley MO

James Hardie Siding Contractor in Grain Valley MO

Remove existing stucco and install James Hardie shingle siding

Are you searching for a James Hardie Siding Contractor in Grain Valley MO?

As 20-plus year veterans in the home remodeling industry, our James Hardie Grain Valley, MO contractors at Smart Exteriors are dedicated to going above and beyond to transform our customer’s properties into stunning, beautifully designed masterpieces. We consider the story behind the homes we work on to be an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to remodeling them—which is why we always take into consideration the history of each property as a way to determine how to make our customers happy with the result.

Recently, we had the opportunity to help a customer restore the exterior of the home he grew up in. The home, located in Grain Valley, was originally built in 1979 by the customer’s father. The father had personally installed the existing 2.5-inch stucco himself. We had the chance to inspect the work done before getting to work and were impressed by the high-quality work his father had done on the project decades ago.

Unfortunately, the custom siding and Tudor style trim were outdated and not on par with the performance levels of new siding—which is why the customer felt it was time to give the house a facelift. The problem was that because his father had done such a fine job installing the old siding and trim back in the late’70s made it much more difficult than usual to remove it.

Once the old siding and trim were removed, we were finally able to install all-new James Hardie pre-finished siding and then accent the gables with staggered shingle siding, also from James Hardie. Both types of siding were finished in Evening Blue, resulting in a striking look that invoked feelings of elegance and boldness.

To help frame the look, the new pre-finished James Hardie trim was installed in an Arctic White color. The color combination made for an incredible contrast that shows off this particularly striking shade of blue present with the new siding.

Upon project completion, the Hyde siding project was considered successful thanks to our team’s ability to add a fresh look to the home the customer originally grew up in. In addition to an updated look, the new James Hardie siding will also add improved durability and performance making it a project the customer will benefit from for years to come.