Returning Beauty to a Split Entry Home Dealing with Wood Rot

Learn how this Independence, MO homeowner transformed her house into her dream home with James Hardie siding.

Location: Independence, MO

Renovations: James Hardie Siding

At Smart Exteriors, we take great pride in helping homeowners transform their houses into homes they can truly be proud of. For this siding project, we had the pleasure of working with a homeowner in Independence, MO, to restore the beauty and functionality of her split entry home. With our expertise and dedication to quality, we were able to overcome challenges, solve existing problems, and deliver exceptional results that exceeded our customer’s expectations.

Putting Trust and Quality First

When it came to choosing a company for their project, our homeowner didn’t want to settle for anything less than the best. She had experienced issues with her existing siding, which was not installed properly, causing moisture problems and rot. At Smart Exteriors, we understand the importance of trust and reliability. As a family-owned business, we value your time and your home, and we go the extra mile to deliver outstanding craftsmanship and service that you can count on.

Our consultation process is all about understanding your unique needs and providing tailored solutions. In this case, after careful evaluation, we recommended James Hardie siding for its durability, aesthetic appeal, and unmatched performance. By choosing this high-quality option, our homeowner would not only have a beautiful exterior but also a solution that would eliminate the moisture problems and rot, protecting her home for years to come.

Tackling the Issue Head-On

We knew that the existing vinyl siding lacked a proper house wrap and moisture barrier, leading to the moisture problems and wood rot. To solve this, our team at Smart Exteriors took a comprehensive approach. We removed all of the existing siding and meticulously repaired the wood rot, ensuring a solid foundation for the new siding installation.

A Fresh Start with James Hardie Siding

With the damaged areas restored, it was time to install the new James Hardie siding. Our experienced team paid careful attention to detail, ensuring proper flashing and moisture barriers were installed. By doing so, we addressed the underlying issues and provided our homeowner with a siding solution that not only looked stunning but also offered long-lasting protection against moisture and rot.

Overcoming Installation Challenges

During the installation process, our team faced challenges that required extra care and expertise. There were rotten sheathing and studs under the front window, which needed to be torn out and reframed before we could proceed with the new siding. Our dedicated crew, led by Andre, rose to the occasion, overcoming each obstacle with skill and precision!

Exceeding Expectations, Every Step of the Way

Our highest reward is a satisfied customer, and in this project, we couldn’t be happier. The homeowner was thrilled with the results, stating, 

“I highly recommend Smart Exteriors for the job they did installing the Hardie siding on our house. We knew we had water damage and rot under our vinyl siding in one place, but we discovered damage under and around the bow window as well. Steve, the project manager, came to the site to check on progress daily and ask if we had any concerns. Andre, the crew chief, was a perfectionist! The wood rot was removed and rebuilt beautifully. The new siding was very expertly and carefully installed. The crew was respectful of our property and cleaned up at the end of every day. I feel like we have a brand new house!”

Your Trusted Partner for Home Transformations

At Smart Exteriors, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and ensuring your utmost satisfaction. Like our valued homeowner in Independence, MO, you can trust us to restore the beauty and functionality of your home. 

Contact us today to discuss your project and take the next step toward making your dream home a reality. We’re here for you every step of the way, just like that friendly neighbor down the street who always goes the extra mile. Welcome to the Smart Exteriors family!