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Fiber Cement Siding from SmartExteriors

May 20, 2019

A Unique Blend of Sustainable Materials

Fiber cement siding includes just four
ingredients: water, wood pulp, cement and ash or sand that acts as a filler.
That’s it; no harsh chemicals, just typical construction materials blended in
proportions that create a uniquely flexible, durable and affordable cladding
product. You can feel good about investing in a product that will protect your
home and the environment.

Experience the Best of Brick and Wood Products

Brick and masonry homes offer the advantage
of being extremely durable and resistant to fire, rot, insects and intense
weather conditions. Fortunately, all of these beneficial properties have been
engineered into fiber cement siding so that it can actually provide a more
durable product than traditional masonry, especially in humid climates. You can
experience the best features of masonry for a more affordable price.

Homeowners also tend to make the mistake of
assuming that choosing hybrid, manufactured products means that they will have
to sacrifice the look and feel of wood. That simply isn’t the case. In fact,
fiber cement is designed to closely imitate wood grain and comes in a variety
of styles that provide subtle detailing for a sophisticated look. From natural
cedar textures to smooth lap siding and everything in between, design options
are practically limitless. You can enjoy the look of wood without having to
worry about warping, fading and the regular maintenance that comes with wood

Limitless Design Options

Your home is a direct expression of
yourself and your personal style. With fiber cement siding, you can create the
home of your dreams that will welcome guests and provide a warm sanctuary for
your family. Choose from dozens of colors, patterns and textures to create the
perfect combination of complimentary siding, trim and other decorative details
for a truly curated and professional look. 

Low-Maintenance and Easy to Install

Fiber cement products come in shingles,
planks and entire panels and can be easily installed using traditional
construction methods. The material handles just like wood and can be cut to
size and simply nailed or screwed into the home’s sheathing. With the proper
installation techniques, fiber cement siding can withstand high winds and
protect your home from severe storms and erosive elements.

You can reduce required maintenance by
opting for primed and pre-painted fiber cement products that have the paint
directly baked into the materials. This process helps to provide long-lasting
color that will also resist chipping and peeling. With fiber cement siding, you
can experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have covered
your home in the absolute best product on the market.

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