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December 5, 2018

Gutters prevent water that falls on the roof from dripping on the sides of the house and accumulating near the foundation. Gutter cleaning is essential for the durability and health of your roof. Branches, leaves, and dirt create blockages which prevent draining of rainwater off your roof in the correct way. If you are considering gutter cleaning, check out these frequently asked questions. In the end, you will consider making the job easier by hiring an expert to do the job.

What is the purpose of having gutters?

The purpose of gutters is to direct rainwater away from your roof down the side of your building and away from the foundation safely where it may leak inside your building and cause foundation problems. Gutters help in avoiding icicles which will damage the edge of shingles from forming at the edge of your roofline.

How do gutters get clogged?

Debris which settles on the roof may accumulate in the gutters and eventually preventing water drainage. Leaves and branches are the main source of debris, as well as seeds and pine needles.

What happens when the gutters get clogged?

When the drainage of rainwater is affected by the debris, the water does not drain where it should. Eventually, this may destroy the windows, siding, and doors and affect the seals of the building which helps in keeping your house watertight resulting in water leaks. If water starts overflowing over the back of the gutter, the leakage can lead to mold forming, and the boards behind the gutter will start to rot.

Is there anything that can be done to avoid the need for gutter cleaning?

Installation of both permanent gutter guards and aluminum gutter screens is a solution; however, the best way to ensure clean and well-functioning gutters are regular cleanings. During regular maintenance, the technician test and identify any issues that require attention.

How often should gutters be cleaned?

It is recommended to clean your gutters twice per year, and this depends on the environment.

What is the cost of cleaning gutters?

Every home is different, and so are the rates. It is advisable to contact gutter cleaning experts for an exact quote of your home. If it is a large building, the service provider will arrange a convenient time to come and establish a price.

How do I pay for gutter cleaning services?

A credit card is crucial when scheduling any work. You can also hand the service them a check or cash if you are at home.

Can you determine if my gutters are damaged?

While cleaning the gutters, the experts inspect them and report any damage the identity or wear that will need attention soon.

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