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December 5, 2018

Why Have Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are trough-like items along the attic used to catch and carry off rainwater. A home gutter system is advantageous because it assists in collecting water and direct it from getting into the home. Failure to install gutter system can lead to damage of home foundation, destruction of landscape or even interfere with the roof structure as well as causing roof leakages; this can lead to rotting of items and can also stimulate the growth of molds. These guards help in preventing clogs from allowing water to run smoothly through the gutters while at the same time avoiding the increase of debris. Numerous types of gutters are available in the market, but only a few are proven to work efficiently. There are three types of guards namely; inserts, screens, and toppers.

Benefits of gutter guards

There are countless benefits of having guards as they can prevent one from having to deal with what could be a dangerous task. The key benefits are as discussed below;

Save time and money

They help eliminate the problem of debris and leaves accumulation in the gutters and even more the clogging of the whole system. The absence of a guard means that one must clean their gutters regularly by themselves or decide to hire a professional who can do the cleaning for them. This will result in a waste of time and money involved in the process. Gutter guards are therefore important because they save the homeowners the trouble of cleaning the gutters or paying someone to do the job. Sometimes, they allow debris to collect on the top of it, and it becomes easy to clean it off. This makes the work of cleaning easier than digging into the clogged gutters to remove handfuls of seeds, leaves, debris, and twigs from the gutters. Gutters require cleaning at least twice a year so, with guards, the number of times one should clean the gutters reduces which is an advantage to the homeowner.

Avoid infestation of mice and insects

They can avoid insects and vermin like mice, bats, birds, mosquitoes and squirrels from breeding in the gutters. It is because guards reduce the amount of stagnant water and therefore renders the insects and vermin homeless. A home with less stagnant water is an unattractive home for birds and vermin or insects because their breeding ground is destroyed. Also, they serve as physical barriers to birds, and rodents which prefer finding their way behind the ceiling boards and into the house roofs.

Helps in alleviating ice dams and gutter freezing

They serve the purpose of alleviating ice dams and freezing. During the winter period, it is too cold, and most of the times, water gets trapped in the gutters. While in there, water can freeze forming ice dams. Even though they will not be able to prevent the formation of the ice dams, it can prevent the accumulation of debris in the gutters hence alleviating the ice dams.

Protection against fire

Homeowners with gutter guards are guaranteed of safety in case of a fire especially for those homes which are located in areas prone to bushfires. Gutter guards provide additional protection during such time. During a fire incident, embers travel a long distance, and in case those embers come into contact with debris and dry leaves in the gutters, it can ignite the fire and quickly spread it. However, they protect ones home from fire by acting as a barrier between the glowing embers and the debris or the dry leaves.

Prevents premature rust and corrosion

When your gutters develop moisturized leaves, a chance of that gutter developing rust and corrosion will be higher, and so they are designed to avoid debris from accumulating inside them.They can lengthen the life of your gutters by preventing rust and corrosion.

Improves the flow of water in the gutters

Gutter guards improve the flow of water through the downspouts and gutters by preventing them from clogging up. The guards also help in the faster refilling of the tank especially when raining, and this results to a collection of clean water free of contaminants and debris.

Stops blockages

Finally, they prevent blockages. Usually, in cases where there is a lot of rain, there is a likelihood that the gutters will overflow and sometimes become blocked. Gutter guards, therefore, ensure that such a problem is out of the question and saves one from all the negative impacts of overflowing gutters.

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