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Polymer Roofing

December 4, 2018

Polymer roofing refers to the use of different membranes to come up with roofing material. The membranes are relevant in the roofing since they are resistant to the strong ultraviolet radiation. Other products used in roofing are not strong enough to resist such radiations. The membranes used for roofing are normally black and white. The membranes are glued or installed on top of a roof insulation material. Polymer single roofing, therefore, means that the type of membrane being used is done on one layer. The one layer is very effective for a proper roof. As long as it is properly installed, the roof becomes effective to its purpose and also looks aesthetic. Single polymer roofs enhance a cool air condition in any house since they are resistant to the strong sun rays. This makes them better than any other roofing material.

Authentic look

You do not need a roof just for the sake of having one. You need something that is you can feel nice when associated with. Our engineers can fit it skilled fully so that it gets an authentic look. No one will look at your roof and desire to see the poor contractor who did you the work. Instead, they will want to contact the same engineer to get such services too. When you compare the single polymer roofs with other types of roofs, you will realize that the single polymer roofing is far much better than the others due to its installation method. Other roofs like the thatched ones look a bit unauthentic since they can be done by nearly anybody and also the material used for thatching can keep falling.


The durability of the single polymer roofs is just amazing. If well installed, it can last as long as 50 years. Its durability can be compared to that of slates or wood shake roofs. The polymer is resistant to several conditions, and so it is very durable. For instance, the roofing does not get affected by acidic rain. Acidic rain is one of the factors which interferes with the durability of the other types of roofing materials like iron roofing. Once the roof gets rust, it loses its beauty and also its relevance to the house since it can start leaking any time when it rains. Additionally, the roofing is resistant to the strong rays of the sun. This resistance reduces the rate of expansion and contraction in changing temperatures. The steady size is very relevant in adding it durability. It stands to be strong regardless of the weather condition. Remember some methods like the clay tiled roofs cannot stand advanced rainy seasons for many years. With the single polymer roofing, you should not be worried about replacing the roof.


This is one of the roofs which are cost effective. The buying of the roofing membranes is not very expensive. If anything, the fact that only a single membrane is needed makes you buy less of the materials hence cheaper. Additionally, the constructors will not charge you a high cost of installation. The duration that the roof takes also helps you cut the cost. You will not have to keep replacing the roof. Once installed, you tend to forget about the cost of spending on the roof. While other people who used the less durable materials will be replacing their roofs, you will not have a cost to incur. Well, the cost of installing it may be higher than the other methods, but then you shall have spent once and for all. It is worth the cost of installation. You will realize this when you will be enjoying the durability of your house.

The single polymer roof is just the best choice for you. There are several advantages you are going to celebrate once you have the roof. For an instant, it is less costly; it is durable and also looks authentic. Additionally, it does not interfere with the room temperature. It keeps it cool by resisting the sun rays. It is the best for you. If you are considering building a house shortly or changing your roof, you can contact us to give you a privilege of enjoying our roofing services.

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