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LP SmartSide Pre-Finished with Diamond Kote

May 25, 2018

Strength & Durability Like No Other

LP SmartSide siding has been tested by NASA and proven to outperform other siding materials like vinyl and fiber cement when struck with golf balls, baseballs, and even river rocks that were traveling at high speeds. This means that things like hail and debris that get driven up in a storm are no match for your home’s siding, and are sure to come out on the other side unscathed.


Moisture and Termite Repellant

Unlike real wood, rot and termites are not an issue with LP SmartSide siding.  Each individual strand of wood is coated with a marine grade resin and special waxes, then treated with zinc borate before being pressed together and made into siding panels.  This creates a moisture resistance in the material itself. Since 1996, LP SmartSide strand substrate siding has undergone brutal testing in Hilo, Hawaii. An average temperature of more than 70 degrees, high humidity and almost 170 inches of annual rainfall make Hilo’s climate the perfect breeding ground for wood’s worst enemies – termites, moisture and fungal decay. After over 2 decades of testing, that siding is still standing strong.


Longer Lengths = Less Seams

LP SmartSide lap siding panels come in 16’ lengths as apposed to the standard 12’ lengths used by James Hardie and other siding manufacturers. This creates 1/3 less seams on your home improving the overall appearance.


LP SmartSide Warranty

With more than 7 billion square feet of siding sold and 20 years of history without a warranty claim, LP SmartSide is confident in offering the industries best warranty. 5/50 yr Limited warranty that covers everything from fungal degradation and termites, to cracking, peeling, and flaking.


Diamond Kote (specialized pre-finish built on LP SmartSide for exterior siding)

Diamond Kote is designed to be low maintenance and resists the buildup of dirt and grime, while also locking out moisture. Being easy to clean, combined with a durable finish reduces your overall maintenance costs.


Superior Technology

A fully automated pre-finish process begins by sanding and cleaning the substrate to ensure proper adhesion of the finish for a long term performance. Robotic sprayers provide consistent paint coverage by breaking down the finish into smaller particles allowing it to bond better for flawless coverage which cannot be duplicated with traditional onsite and flood coat applications. Before being chilled for packaging, the product is first sent through the oven to create a durable scratch resistant exterior siding product. 


Limitless Color Options

With 30 standard colors to choose from, mix and match colors to make your home as unique as you are. This includes a custom color option and a DuoBlend Premium Collection that beautifully mimics natural and distressed wood. 


30-Year No Fade Warranty

The Diamond Kote pre-finish process includes a proprietary paint which uses the purest metal oxide colorants extracted from rocks. These natural raw pigments don’t fade over time and pigments keep your siding vibrant while protecting it from destructive Ultraviolet sun rays that cause synthetic tints to fade quickly. 

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