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Royal Woodland Siding

December 5, 2018

Grade, Heavy Gauge Vinyl Siding

In considering siding for your home, you
are looking for the best of both worlds: extreme durability, and great looks.
With Royal Woodland Siding, you can help make your house feel like a home,
built to last. It has an innovative double-nail hem that provides a tight,
secure fit for your home—and heavy-duty protection that keeps the elements out
of your personal space. It won’t war or buckle under extreme weather conditions
or wear over time, and has even been proven to effectively stand up to
hurricane force winds of up to 200 mph. With Royal Woodland Siding, the only
real question is what color to choose, because it comes in 31 different
possible shades.

Panel Lengths

The perfect length in your siding panels
provides a wide range of benefits to your home in the short and long-term. With
Royal Woodland Siding, you can eliminate 75% or more of the panel overlaps in
your home’s siding, making it virtually seamless, ass a result of Royal Woodland
being almost twice as long as the standard 12’ length. With this extended
siding length, you can look forward to full protection from moisture creeping
under the paneling and causing water and mold issues inside of your home. It
also means that you won’t need to worry about repairing the seams over and over
again, as is the case with shorter siding options. The amount of protection,
and the money saved long-term, make Royal Woodland Siding a vote for siding
that will keep sturdy, and last longer.

Leading Double Lifetime Warranty

You won’t find a better warranty for your
vinyl siding anywhere else. In most cases, hail damage and color fading are two
of the biggest threats to the longevity of home siding. Not only is Royal
Woodland designed and covered in a finish that help resist color fade and
impact damage, but it has a warranty that makes you feel confident about your
coverage. This Double Lifetime Warranty covers both color fade, and hail
damage, which means double the protection and peace of mind when you choose
Royal Woodland over any other siding option.

Options Abounding, And Lasting

Renovating your home is an exciting time,
but perhaps you haven’t quite landed on the color of your dreams yet. Royal
Woodland Siding provides 31 different gorgeous shades of low-gloss cedar
woodgrain surface for you to choose from, which means that you don’t need to
feel limited about the possibilities for your renovation or remodel. Plus,
Royal Woodland siding provides the resilience of UV-resistance, which means
that the vibrant color you choose will stay looking fresh and gorgeous for a
long, long time.


This heavy gauge, cold-tested siding has
been engineered to be able to withstand the elements in order to keep your home
looking fresh longer, and to reduce the maintenance you would otherwise need to
do over time. It won’t warp, buckle or sag like traditional wood does in
response to moisture or different temperatures. It has also been tested to
withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 200 mph, which means that no matter
what weather you may face where you live, you can trust that your home will be
able to take the hit with Royal Woodland siding.

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