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December 4, 2018

Tile roofing is the type of roofing where the roofing materials, tiles, are made from beautifully molded materials like the clay, concrete or any other related material. Tile roofing is one of the recent types of roofs preferred for several reasons. Buildings made from tiles are resistant to many disasters like fire. Once you have such a roof, you are guaranteed the security from such calamities. When the tiles are finely arranged on the roof, the outcome becomes attractive. The good thing with tile roofing is that you can modify the color according to your preference. Additionally, you can go for a unique design of the tiles so that you make your roof personalized.There are different types of tile roofing. The common one is the clay tile roofing. For this type of roofing, the tiles are made from molded clay into preferred shapes. After making the shapes using clay, they are then allowed to dry. After they have dried, they are exposed to extreme heat for several hours. The heat is meant to strengthen them so that they can become resistant to leaking when it rains. Another type of tile is the concrete tiles. These are made from a mixture of sand, and cement. They tend to be the strongest type of tiles especially when the sand and the cement are mixed in the right ratio. They can provide a more extended service to a house.The last type of tiles is the slate tiles. These are made from a mineral called slate which is dug deep from the ground. They are almost the strongest after concrete because the mineral is strong. These tiles can as well be modified into different colors.

Resistant to fire, hail, and moisture

Tiles cannot be burned down. They rarely catch fire. For this reason, they provide some level of security to your house. This is not as it would happen in the instances with other roofing styles like the use of the iron sheet. Those will catch fire very fast hence spreading the fire throughout the house. In case a tileroofed house catches fire, it can be easily controlled. The strength or the tiles are also resistant to hail. They cannot be destroyed by hail or any other form of moisture.

Conserves energy in different climates

Tiles are superior in saving energy in different climates. Houses made of tile roofs in most cases do not experience extreme climate. For instance, when the temperature is a bit high during the day, the tiles absorb the heat and so the house temperature remains cool. During the night, the tiles will still be holding the heat it collected during the day and so it keeps the house worm. In so doing, the houses using roofs made of tiles tend to enjoy moderate temperatures in all conditions.

Available in a multitude of colors and styles

Depending on your taste of color, you can always get all colors of tiles. They are just painted to fit your desire. You can as well have a personalized design. Remember these tiles are just molded. Therefore, you can get the shape that you want. If you need a shape that is not in the store, the designers can always come up with one who can make you happy. Additionally, you can choose from clay, concrete or slate depending on your financial position. The tiles give you the freedom to select from type, style, and color.

Tile roofs are very convenient. If you are planning to build a house or even buy one, you should consider much this provision of the roofing style. With this style of roofing, you are bound to enjoy several benefits. They are colorful hence beautiful. The resistance to hail and fire should give you a good reason enough to consider the tile roofing. Well, the price of having such a roof in place may be costly, but you will realize that it is worth it. If anything, the tiles will last for a very long time. For at least 30 years you will be enjoying the service without thinking about replacing the roof. In case you want to replace your roof for the sake of having a new look, you can as well sell the tiles. Our engineers are skilled in providing the installation for you. You can contact us through our website for booking our roofing service in Kansas.

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