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Types of Gutter Guards

December 5, 2018

The gutters in your home play an important function in protecting it from water damage which is as a result of overflowing rain. When the gutters clog with debris, they will not allow movement of water safely. One of the best solutions to the issue of gutter cleaning is the use of gutter guards. The guards play a crucial role in keeping your gutter clean and you do not have to remove the leaves and debris twice per year. Before investing in this type of gutter protection, it’s fundamental for you to know about different kinds of gutter guards and their advantages.


These types of guards look like giant pipe cleaners which fit your gutter. They are made up of bristles which are in upright position on these guards. This makes the debris and leaves to stay on top of them and allows rainwater to move through the gutters.


I. Brush guards are cheap to install


Foam gutter guards are form pieces that are installed inside your gutters and the block the debris from building up in the gutters. These guards are designed to fit in the channel completely. They are effective in collecting all types of debris leaving the gutter clean. These fillers are easy to install and you just need to place them in the channels.


I. They are cheap and easy to install.

II. The foam gutter guard systems are functional

III. They are cheap with some little maintenance.

Reverse Curve or Surface Tension Guards

These types of guards are designed to more rainwater down.They allow debris and leaves to drop down to the group rather than accumulating in your gutters.


I. Experts install these types of guards and some have a warranty.

II. These guards are better choices than brush and foam guards.

III. Reverse curve or surface tension guards offer a short-term solution to homeowners.


They are screens with holes that fit onto the top of your gutters. They can be installed easily or can contact an expert. The screen gutter guards are the most common kind. The mesh design allows them to trap debris of different sizes. They are cheap to install because they have clips which attach them to the sides of the gutter channel. Generally, they are stable and offer great performance. Those made of metal material are durable compared to those made of plastic especially if they are galvanized and have the recommended finish.


I. They are cheap to install

II. They are very affordable

These types are the best if you need an affordable solution; you need to clean your gutters once per year.

Micro Mesh

These kinds of gutter guards have small holes that are not visible to naked eyes. They are made of stainless steel and allow water while trapping debris out.


I. They were named as the best type of gutter protection by consumer reports.

II. They give a permanent solution to clogged gutters and have warranty giving you peace of mind.

III. They are installed professionally.

Because of the unique structural properties of the micro mesh guards, the water penetrability is good, allowing of rain to flow through it in even the heaviest of rains.

Micro mesh gutters are the best option if you need maintenance-free systems to protect your gutters. Choose a system with an aluminum frame instead of plastic one. Look for micro mesh guards that do not disturb your roof or shingles and protect all types of clogs.

The gutters are the most important part of the exterior structure and without them; your house can fall apart from water damage and cost you when repairing. When purchasing gutter guards, one must always select long-lasting guards which deliver for a long time. A good gutter guard must handle the test of time and withstand harsh climatic conditions without costing you any extra cost in maintenance. A durable gutter guard should be made of good quality material and designed in an impressive design to make your house stand out from the rest.

The most recommended type of guards to use should be made from an aluminium material which is not prone to rust like steel and can be cast into different shape easily to suit your house design.

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