7 Common Causes of Roof Damage

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Repairing roof damage is important, as the roof is one of the most important components of home construction. It provides shelter, protection from the elements, climate insulation, and curbside appeal, among many other valuable benefits. It’s also one of the most expensive features to install or to replace, which is why it’s so important to provide roofing with the attention it needs to last longer, stay stronger, and look beautiful over time. One of the best ways to stay on top of your roof construction (and your investment) is to learn and understand what causes roofing damage. Once you know what the most common causes of roofing damage are, you’re more likely to be aware of potential problems, provide the necessary repairs quickly and effectively, and prolong the need for a full replacement—and therefore lengthening the life of your roofing products. In Kansas City, Smart Exteriors is proud to offer top-rated roofing services for our customers. We’re passionate about regular maintenance and upkeep, and always encourage homeowners to do whatever they can to ensure that their roofing construction is given the attention it needs to withstand the test of time. In this article, we’re going over some of the most common causes of roofing damage to help you to better protect your home investment.

1.    Irregular (or Non-Existent) Maintenance for Roof Damage

Perhaps poor maintenance isn’t the direct or immediate cause of damage to your roof—but it’s certainly the most important underlying factor that will eventually lead to larger issues down the road. Small problems like tiny leaks, small cracks, and other minor issues are easy to fix at first but can balloon into big, expensive problems over time. Imagine being able to prolong the costly replacement of your roof by more than ten or fifteen years or longer, just by paying attention to it on a regular basis! Roofing materials need constant and regular maintenance—which includes routine inspections. If you’re not comfortable climbing up onto the roof to perform these inspections yourself, which most people aren’t—give a trusted roofing company a call and have them do this for you. An expert will be able to spot problem areas and provide solutions for quick fixes, which will wind up saving you plenty of money, stress, and hassle later.

2.    Hail Damage

Hail comes in all sizes, shapes, and speeds—and unsurprisingly, the right kind of hail can cause damage to your property. Depending on various factors, both softball-sized hail and tiny-sized ice pellets can wreak havoc on roof constructions—and can cause major damage in the moment and over time if the damage isn’t fixed after a previous storm. Some of these factors include the size, speed, and density of the hail, combined with the age of your roof construction, the materials used, and the condition of your rooftop. Hail can also mean long-term issues to your roof that can eventually cause major damage. For example, if your gutters are affected by a storm and stop working properly, this can lead to overflowing and water damage to your roof, siding, and surrounding property. After any hailstorm, make it a point to call your roofing company to inspect for damage. If there are signs of cracks, dents, or other issues, fixing them now will prevent a larger and more expensive repair or replacement later.

3.    High Winds

High winds can be dangerous for rooftops, with falling trees, power poles, debris, and other heavy objects the biggest threats to the construction. Most roofing materials are built to resist high winds up to a certain speed, however, your roof can weaken or show signs of deterioration due to high winds over the seasons. This is because the wind tends to pick on the areas of the roof that are the weakest, like the corners and edges, and will loosen the materials little by little over time until it eventually rips off tiles or shreds apart shingles. The missing shingles or torn-off tiles, if they go unnoticed, can cause a chain reaction in the areas around them—weakening the materials around them. Missing materials will also let in water which could lead to leakage and water damage if not repaired.

4.    Stormy Weather

In addition to hailstorms, heavy storms carrying torrents of thunder, lightning, wind, rain or snow—and often, all of the above—can also damage your roof construction in the moment and over time. Whether it’s a rainstorm, a thunderstorm, a hurricane, a blizzard, or any other kind of inclement weather, make sure to inspect your home for damage afterward. Look on the ground for shards of roofing materials, and up at the roof for missing tiles, shingles, or other parts of your roof construction. As we’ve mentioned before, for the best outcome, don’t climb up onto the roof yourself unless you’re skilled at performing a safe and effective roof inspection. Instead, hire an expert roofer from a trusted roofing company like Smart Exteriors to visit your home and perform a thorough inspection for you.

5.    Bad Installations

It goes without saying that high-quality roof materials and regular maintenance will lead to a long-lasting life for your roof construction. However, another extremely important factor is the quality of your installation. A poorly performed roof installation is another major cause of roofing damage down the road. Make sure you’re hiring the best contractor you can find to install your roof or perform your roof replacement.

6.    Birds, Insects, and Other Critters

Rooftops are extremely attractive places to call home for many types of animals. Birds, bats, raccoons, rats, and other types of animals love burrowing holes through multi-layered roof systems to find warm and dry shelter or building nests in your gutters made out of pieces of your wood shingles. They’ll also tear apart the soffits for additional space for new family members, and will find all sorts of additional ways to make themselves right at home, right over your head. All joking aside, its obvious that animals invading your rooftop are a problem. Animals can cause serious damage to your home, digging holes and forming leaks. They can also ruin electrical wiring or vent systems. If you suspect animals are hiding inside your roof, contact a professional roofer right away for an inspection.

7.    Faulty Gutters

Gutters are an important aspect of home construction, as they help to direct water out and away from the home. Water that’s collecting in pools over your roof, along the sides of your home, or on the ground next to your yard can create extremely serious issues like structural damage, collapse, and more. It’s important that you do have gutters installed and that they’re kept free and clear of clogs. Keeping them clear at all times means choosing one of two options: clearing them out consistently after rain, high winds, or storms, or installing high-quality gutter guards to enjoy clog-free gutters without the heavy maintenance.

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