Roofing & Siding Project in Archie MO

Remove & replace existing roof & vinyl siding

Sometimes projects we take on at Smart Exteriors are inherently more complex from the beginning due to a variety of different problems that might have occurred after emergency situations. From hailstorms and snowstorms to strong winds and hurricanes, sometimes the elements can cause serious damage that compromises the structure and stability of the rest of the home.

In cases like these, immediate and professional restoration is always important. After all, the quality of any building is only as good as the sum of its parts—and all of the elements of a home’s construction must work together to preserve its overall condition.

This is undoubtedly important when it comes to the home’s exterior, and sometimes both the roof and the siding of a home must be addressed with repairs and replacements to prevent serious problems from affecting the rest of the home. Our team recently got the chance to put our skills to the test with the Tervol Exterior Project. The home in question was located in Archie, MO and had suffered severe damage to both the roof and siding thanks to a recent hail storm. The owner needed a solution that would get the house back into excellent working order without compromising on aesthetic value.

Upon arrival, we got to work right away by first tackling the roof. The roof is the first level of protection for the home and needs to be addressed before the siding below it. During this process, we tore off three layers of existing roofing shingles, which included a base layer of wood shingles. After that, we installed a protective OSB sheathing layer before installing our Certainteed Landmark shingles finished in the color black moire. This darker take on the roofing color allowed the homeowner the opportunity to modernize the roof’s appearance without sacrificing function.

Once the roof was in solid shape again, we moved right on to the siding. The existing vinyl siding was removed and replaced with new 25’ premium Royal woodland vinyl siding finished in classic white. We wrapped the fascia in aluminum to match. The project was rounded off with nine all-new sets of black polystyrene shutters.

Working with the customers on blending performance and aesthetics is our objective for every project. With the combination of black and white, the home took on a timeless yet modern look that is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood for years to come. Besides the home’s beauty, the upgraded vinyl along with new shingles allowed for better weather protection against hail storms and other concerns while requiring minimal maintenance making this project an all-around win.