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Tile roof repair for Leawood Gardens retirement home

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One of the most important projects we take on at Smart Exteriors is roof repair. The roof is a crucial component of a well functioning home and requires constant care and maintenance to ensure that the construction is intact after storms, heavy rains, and other threats—to keep it performing at the level necessary to protect and secure the home.A roof repair can also enhance the home’s aesthetic appeal and provide a long-term fix for larger issues but will cost far less than a total roof renovation or replacement.

Recently, Smart Exteriors was called in for a tile roof repair project in Kansas City. The retirement home was in bad shape with a tile roof that had over 30 leaks present in a multitude of different places. Although an option would have been to replace the entire roof construction with newer and better materials, the total cost of a replacement would have exceeded $1,000,000—keeping it from being a viable solution for the homeowner. Our roofing experts put their heads together and managed to come up with a solution to repair the tile roof just like we’ve done previously for other tile roofs in Kansas City.

The first step we took after developing a plan of action was to address the problem areas. We started with removing the existing tile above each trouble spot. In addition, we removed all underlayment, battens, and any decking that was rotted. Once the removal was complete, we installed all-new underlayment, battens, and decking to ensure that structural integrity was uncompromised from the very beginning. After putting in the new support structure, we reinstalled the existing roof tiles thereby extending the life of the old roof. To help us accomplish this task, we utilized Stoneworth Building Products’ product line which features beautiful and durable tile products, matching them to the existing roofing tile present on the building.

We work with our customers to blend the need for aesthetics and performance for a roof that delivers every time. Our use of concrete as the tile material helps to provide top-notch quality at an affordable price while remaining eco-friendly and weather resistant whether it’s the middle of summer or the dead of winter. Upon completion, the project was deemed a resounding success that saved the owner a fortune—while ensuring that no more leaks would occur for years to come.

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