What Makes James Hardie Trim So Superior

Superior Hardie Trim installed on a home.

As a vital part of your siding system, trim matters just as much as the boards you install. That’s why James Hardie made sure its siding products and trim options are designed to work seamlessly to beautify and preserve your house for decades. When you invest in what James Hardie offers, you’re investing in trim that delivers superb performance, looks, and style.

Simply put, Hardie Trim is a superior choice that maximizes the results you get from your Hardie siding. Here’s what makes it so unique and valuable as a part of your overall siding system.

The Purpose of Trim on Your Home Exterior

You may not have thought about it before, but once you take a closer look at your home’s exterior design, you’ll develop an appreciation for the vital role trim plays. This attractive, sturdy feature is essential to ensuring your siding system is complete. It protects seams to prevent water from getting under siding boards. 

It also lends a sleek, finishing touch that accentuates your home’s doors, windows, corners and fascia. Trim pulls the overall look of your exterior together, while also helping safeguard it from the elements.

Hardie Trim Is Built to Last

Made of the same durable fiber cement formula as other James Hardie products, this trim is just as strong and long-lasting as the siding it matches and completes. Everything you get with Hardie siding, you get with Hardie Trim too. That means it:

Resists Weather and Pest Damage

Hardie Trim’s fiber cement makeup is sturdy and extremely stable. Like its siding partner, this trim is crafted to stand up against hail strikes, flying debris, strong winds, rain and snow. It can’t be eaten by insects or drilled into by woodpeckers. It’s also non-combustible. So, you can rely on it to last for decades on your home exterior.

Is Easy to Maintain

Because Hardie Trim is so durable, it doesn’t easily crack or break, freeing you of the warping issues of a material like vinyl. It resists rot, so you don’t have to deal with the repair hassles of wood. And if you choose a ColorPlus™ Technology shade that’s applied in a controlled factory environment, it won’t easily fade, so you won’t have to worry about painting it for up to 15 years after installation.

Beautiful, Versatile Hardie Trim Styles to Choose From

Superb performance is just one aspect of Hardie Trim—the other is its attractive design aesthetic. This beautiful product comes in several styles to help you achieve the precise architectural look you want. At Smart Exteriors, we offer these different Hardie Trim options so you can customize your home exterior to your heart’s content:

Rustic Grain Batten Boards

With Rustic Grain© Batten Boards, it’s easy to create the appealing, rustic-chic look of board-and-batten siding. You’ll enjoy the look of wood grain—in the enduring material of lasting, eco-friendly fiber cement.

Smooth Batten Boards

If you desire Farmhouse board-and-batten with a sleek modern twist, this smooth, contemporary-style trim will help you achieve that look. It pairs well with smooth Hardie® Panel vertical siding.

4/4 Rustic Grain

For a traditional, even vintage look, this trim is perfect. Its wood-like texture appears natural and eye-catching, but it won’t warp or rot like genuine wood. 

4/4 Smooth

Enjoy a contemporary house style with this satiny smooth choice. Like the other Hardie Trim options, it’s available in a variety of colors and will last for decades without constant upkeep.

5/4 Rustic Grain

Thicker than the 4/4 boards, this 5/4 trim gives you the classic grainy texture of real wood in a low-maintenance form.

5/4 Smooth

Another option that’s thicker, for more dramatic pop, these glossy pieces of trim create a pleasing finishing touch for smooth Hardie siding.

Enjoy the Watertight Beauty and Lasting Performance of Hardie Trim and Hardie Siding from Smart Exteriors

The lasting beauty and weather-resistant performance of Hardie Trim is just one of the many reasons homeowners across the country invest in durable, gorgeous Hardie siding. You’ll enjoy the decades of trusted results you get when you install this exterior protection on your home—especially when our team of expert installers do the job. 

At Smart Exteriors, we’re trained as an Elite Preferred contractor by James Hardie, so we’ll install your new exterior with precision—so you can count on top-notch performance for years to come. Envision how Hardie siding will transform your home.