What to Expect During a Siding Installation

Smart Exteriors siding installation on a client's home.

Getting new siding for your home is an exciting process. You’ll achieve beautiful curb appeal and enjoy knowing your house is protected from the elements. As you make this valuable investment, if you’ve never replaced your siding before, you may be wondering what to expect.

The good news is—the siding replacement process can be smooth and streamlined when you work with a team (like ours!) that cares about making your experience a great one. Here’s what you can expect before and during your siding installation:

Preparation Steps You Can Take Before Installation Day

Before your siding team sets foot on your property, there are some practical ways to get ready for the installation. Doing these things will make it easier for the team to get right to work transforming your home exterior.

Make it easy to reach your siding.

Remove and store anything that’s currently near exterior walls, such as patio furniture, planters, and outdoor decorations. Trim shrubbery and cover flower beds with protective tarps.

Create room for the crew to work.

Clear your driveway so workers can easily move around your property and store materials. Park your car well away from your home so you can come and go at your convenience. Also, make outlets available so the crew can access power for their tools.

Safeguard people and pets.

Keep pets and children safely indoors, or schedule play dates so they won’t be disturbed by the commotion. You might want to work outside the house that day too—as siding replacement can get loud.

Make cleanup easier.

Trim your grass short prior to siding installation. Between removing the old materials and installing the new ones, there will be debris and nails to clean up. Short grass makes that easier!

What Happens on Siding Installation Day

Once the day arrives for your new siding to be installed, our team streamlines the process for you. Here’s what we’ll be doing to get your new home siding set properly in place:

Delivery of materials

Once your installation is scheduled, your siding contractor will order materials, as well as a dumpster to cart away debris. These are usually delivered to your property a day or two before the installation.

Removal of old siding

The installation team will pull away old boards, stucco, etc., to make room for your new siding. Debris may be temporarily placed on your lawn during the process, but we’ll clear it all away once the work is completed.

Making repairs

Once your old siding is removed, the crew can check for damage such as wood rot—something that’s common with old stucco. If needed, repairs are made to safeguard your home’s structural integrity. This ensures your new siding will do its job right.

Adding insulation and waterproof barriers

As old siding is removed, insulation and waterproofing elements are removed too. You’ll receive new layers of these before the new siding is set in place.

Installing new siding

At this stage, your home is ready to have the new siding put up. The installation team will nail in the boards, working from the bottom up to create waterproof protective overlapping. Depending on the siding material you choose, we may take added steps such as cutting boards to fit your home, painting, etc.

Inspection and cleanup

Before your siding installation contractor leaves your property, some final steps will be completed, such as checking the work for quality control, placing old materials in the dumpster, and carefully looking over your lawn for stray nails. Our team will leave your property nice and neat!

Transform Your Home Exterior with New Siding by Smart Exteriors

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