What to Look for When Shopping for a New Home

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With the real estate industry in full swing, homeowners can take advantage of the rush to buy as it is a sellers’ market in many areas of the country. This can mean that homes are sold almost as fast as they are listed–which can create problems down the road for unsavvy or first-time new home buyers.

In-depth scrutiny is critical when buying a new home, which is why a home inspection is performed by experts before a purchase is finalized. In any case, time is sometimes of the essence when buying a home, especially in a sellers’ market, and you should know what to look out for. In this guide to real estate buying, our team at Smart Exteriors reveals some of the most important things you should look out for when inspecting a new home for purchase.

Roof Condition

The roof of a home is one of the first lines of defense against storms of all sizes. A properly functioning roof will protect against all weather conditions and be free of damage and leaks. Over time, a home’s roof can take quite the beating from climate, weather, and even tree damage. This wear and tear can take its toll on all types of roofs, causing leaks, structural problems, and water damage.

When shopping for a home, a bad roof may be easy to spot if the damage is visible, but some issues may require a closer inspection to be discovered. This is where a free roof inspection can save you serious money and headaches down the road. It can also help prevent the chance of mold forming inside the home from leaks during rainstorms. A roof replacement can be a little pricey, but it is something you will only need to do once every 20-30 years.

Window Leaks or Cracks

Windows are another great protection for your home that gives you a great view of the outdoors. Windows come in all shapes, sizes, and quality, making them one of the things you should check on when purchasing a new home. Over time, the seals on windows can start to deteriorate due to weather and age. This can cause leaks, drafts, and mold growth over time.

Taking a close look at the windows of a home you are wanting to purchase can quickly show you what you may be up against in the near future. What you will want to look for is clean glass, smooth seals, and no moisture on the glass. While windows are not the most expensive repair you can take on, they can be quite pricey if you are having to replace many windows at a time. Not to mention the inconvenience of having windows removed and installed on your brand new home.

Siding Condition

Another quick spot check on a home is the condition of the siding. Siding is usually made from vinyl, fiber cement, or other materials that are prone to cracking or breaking over time. In areas where severe storms happen often, siding can quickly become damaged due to debris flying around. What you will want to look for here is cracks, holes, or fragility in the siding which can indicate that you will need to replace the siding very soon.

While you may be able to tell the condition of the siding just by looking at it, you can get an inspection just to be sure. Also, don’t forget to ask about any warranties that are transferable that will come with the property. While this information is typically provided to you at the time of purchase, you should add this to your list of things to ask about when viewing the home for the first time.

Doors and Entryways

While you are entering the house and checking out the interior, try to use all of the doors and see how they operate. This can tell you many different things about the house. Not only will it show you what type of condition the doors are in, but it can also lend a hand to discovering an uneven house and structural damage.

While there is nothing wrong with a DIY door install, sometimes you may come across one that was not done correctly, meaning you may pay more to get it repaired or replaced. Having a door repaired or replaced is not too expensive, but if you are having to redo all of the doors in a house, then your bill can really start to add up. Some things you will want to look for are the condition of the hinges, the condition of the door materials, smooth operation, or stuck doors.

Damages Gutters/Gutter Guards

Last but not least, you will want to look at the condition of the gutters on the home. While a lack of gutters can easily be spotted, you will want to look for the effects of not having gutters. This can include erosion near the base of the home, mud splattering on the walls of the home, and an indication of water pooling around the home.

If the home has gutters, you will want to ensure that they are all in good shape and working condition. Gutters that are rusted, falling apart or missing components can be worse than not having gutters at all. Damaged gutters can cause overflow, ice buildup, and other conditions that can weigh the gutters down, ripping them from the home.

An indication of a well-maintained gutter system is the presence of high-quality, steel mesh gutter guards. Steel gutter guards are a great way to protect your gutters from debris that can cause damage to your existing gutters. If the home has gutters that are in good condition, it is highly suggested that you have a good set of gutter guards installed.

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