8 Steps to Prepare Your Home for a Roof Replacement

Asphalt Shingle Roof Installed on a Home
A high-quality, well-installed roof will provide your home with years of protection, while also improving its curb appeal. However, once your roof replacement is scheduled with your local Kansas City roofing expert there are a few things you can do to prepare a roof replacement. Here we offer easy steps to help your roof installation go smoothly.

1. Park Your Vehicle Away from Your House

If you park your vehicle in the driveway, make sure you either park in the garage or on the street when the roofers arrive. You don’t want anything falling on your car while they are working.

2. Prepare Your the Rest of Your Home

This might seem an odd thing to do. After all, the roofers are working outside. However, the vibrations of their work can lead to damage to precious wall decorations such as mirrors, framed photos and other wall hangings which can be shaken off their hooks and nails. Prepare to protect your valuable or fragile items by taking them down and moving them to a protected area before your roof replacement starts.

3. Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Pets and small children, not to mention cranky teens might be disturbed by the noise of roof replacement. Constant hammering, footsteps on the roof, and other sounds can be quite unnerving. As well, your property becomes a little hazardous with the risk of things falling. Smaller kids and pets might be happier spending the day at a friend’s or family’s home, so they aren’t exposed to the ruckus. Leaving the home while roofers are working is pretty risky since you can’t see what they are doing and they can’t see you until it’s too late.

4. Protect Your Patio Furniture and Yard

Anything in your backyard should either be moved to the very back of your yard or into the garage to avoid damaging your belongings during your roof replacement including:
  • Patio furniture
  • Toys
  • Barbecues
  • Potted plants
  • Lawn ornaments
  • Inflatable pools

5. Clear Your Roof of Branches

If you have large trees overhanging your roof you might consider having branches trimmed before replacing your roof. Roofers should have access to your entire roof without any dangerous obstacles. You can also consider pruning large shrubs and mowing the lawn so it’s easier for the roofers to safely remove debris from your property once they are done. Ultimately your roofing contractor will be able to help you know if this applies to your home before the job is started.

6. Cover Items Stored in the Attic

If you have items stored in your attic, or your attic is a finished living space you should cover your belongings or move them to another room to protect them from debris, dust and vibrations during your roof replacement.

7. Contact Your Satellite Dish Provider

If you have a satellite dish, contact your provider and let them know about the roof replacement. They can remove the satellite during the project and then reinstall it once the roof replacement is finished.

8. Consider Power Sources

Your roofers will need access to power for things like saws to cut flashing. They might also use tools on the roof such as nail guns which require extension cords. If your home doesn’t have exterior outlets, they will have to run their extension cords into the home. If this is the case, flag them clearly to avoid tripping accidents. It’s not necessary, but it is always a nice gesture to let your neighbors know that you are having a new roof installed, so they can expect the possible disturbance as well. If you would like to work with a roofing company that makes your job easier and personally walks you through the preparation process, speak to the experts at Smart Exteriors today.