A Look at James Hardie ColorPlus vs. Primed Siding

James Hardie ColorPlus vs Primed Siding

One of the great benefits of investing in James Hardie siding for your home exterior is its impressive versatility. Along with attractive styles and designs, you have the luxury of choosing exactly the right color. With hundreds of factory-applied hues available, as well as the option to paint a custom shade on pre-primed boards after installation, the possibilities are nearly endless.

If you’re considering which makes more sense for your home—Hardie’s impressive ColorPlus™ Technology or primed siding—these tips will help. Read on to learn all you need to know about both options, so you can find your perfect match,

What Is James Hardie ColorPlus—and Why Do Homeowners Choose It?

ColorPlus is the James Hardie company’s unique, patented technique for applying rich, deep, lasting color to siding in a controlled factory setting. The process bakes your preferred hue onto your fiber cement under the guidance of Hardie’s color experts—resulting in an even, vibrant, durable appearance that you’ll appreciate on your home for years to come.

The Benefits of Choosing James Hardie ColorPlus Siding

Hardie’s ColorPlus option yields great advantages that appeal to homeowners in Kansas City:

Gorgeous color—guaranteed!

Factory applying your preferred hue gives your Hardie Board siding a smooth, consistent look on every single board. No messy color drips, uneven applications, or shades that don’t match, as can happen with paint.

Simple installation

With no need to add paint to your exterior remodeling, you’ll save time on installation. Once your siding team (like our Smart Exteriors pros!) set your siding in place, you’re good to go.

Eco-friendly method

ColorPlus eliminates one of the most annoying, unhealthy aspects of painting—it keeps smelly, toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from polluting the air in and around your home.

Exceptional warranty

Want peace of mind to go along with your James Hardie siding installation? ColorPlus technology is guaranteed by James Hardie for up to 15 years—a lot longer than a normal paint job will last you.

When Is It Worth Choosing Primed Hardie Boards Instead of ColorPlus?

What is primed Hardie siding? It’s exactly what you think—boards and trim that are prepped to take paint after they’re installed on your exterior, rather than having color applied before shipping. In every other way, primed Hardie Board and ColorPlus siding are the same—made from the resilient, high-performance fiber cement James Hardie is famous for.

The Benefits of Choosing Pre-Primed James Hardie Siding

Even though many homeowners love the lasting, lovely choices that ColorPlus technology offers, there are times when choosing primed boards for painting after installation makes sense.

Endless color selections

While ColorPlus offers many popular, appealing shades to consider, you may prefer a specialized color that has been mixed to order. If that’s you, then having a customized paint crafted for you by your preferred paint company can ensure you get the precise, personalized shade you’re dreaming of.

Fast installation

Primed Hardie Board siding is always in stock and ready for immediate shipping. There’s little need to be concerned about shipping delays for your siding installation.


Since primed Hardie siding is readily available and doesn’t require the added step of factory applied color, the cost will be a little less than choosing ColorPlus. Of course, you’ll still be hiring a paint crew, so the savings will be offset somewhat.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Hardie Siding Installed by Kansas City’s Experts at Smart Exteriors

Remember, whether you choose to install primed boards and paint later, or have a ColorPlus tint factory applied before installation, Hardie siding is always a great choice. All the benefits of this great fiber cement material—from its impressive longevity and stellar looks to its resistance to pests and damage and its great warranty—will be yours, whichever route you choose.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home exterior, why not choose the #1 Hardie siding experts in Kansas City? Contact our professional, friendly team at Smart Exteriors to learn more about James Hardie siding and get a free quote. We’ll answer your questions, provide top-notch service, and help you enjoy the lasting, low-maintenance curb appeal your home deserves.