What Factors Affect the Cost of James Hardie Siding?

James Hardie Siding Cost

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable, beautiful, and long-lasting siding replacement, then you’ve likely been looking into James Hardie fiber cement during your search. Hardie Board checks all of the boxes homeowners tend to be looking for in a quality siding.

It packs a punch with your curb appeal, stands up to mother nature, and performs against even the harshest elements.

While it is not the most expensive siding option, it is more costly than some of its common siding counterparts including vinyl and LP Smart siding. However, it is still more affordable than the popular but time-consuming stucco and stone veneer installations.

So, we know what you’re wondering. How much will it actually cost to install Hardie siding on my Kansas City home? Let’s break it down by taking a look at what affects the price of a Hardie siding install.

James Hardie Installation Cost Factors:

Home Size

The square footage of your home will directly affect the cost of your siding install. How that square footage is laid out will as well. If your home is more than a single story, your installation will not only require more siding, but it will also require more manpower and time for the installation, leading to a greater project cost.

Home Location

Where you live can have a major impact on your siding cost. Prices (both material and installation) will vary from state to state. And even different cities or regions within a state can have differing prices. Rural areas tend to cost more than urban settings due to access, so you’ll want to check with various contractors on their pricing for your region.

Cost can even be affected by the terrain and yard layout of your homes. Harsh slopes or heavily wooded areas can make it more difficult to get equipment and materials set into the right positions.

 Intricacy of Exterior Design

The more detailed and complex nature of your home’s exterior façade, the more work that will go into the installation and placement of your Hardie siding.

Installers must use the proper tools and techniques to cut the planks, so the more cuts and grooves the installation process requires can cost a greater amount overall.

Installation Specifications

For Hardie siding to be properly installed, James Hardie requires its certified contractors to undergo specialized training and use specific installation procedures. It also requires specific storage and handling conditions for the materials. While this factors into the siding’s total, it also makes it invaluable. You’ll know you are receiving the best siding installation possible.

Hardie Siding Style Selection

Hardie siding comes in a diversity of styles to give you plenty of options when selecting a high-quality design for your home. Each of those styles will carry a different price tag.

  • Lap Siding
  • Textured Panels
  • Shingles
  • Vertical Panels

And depending on if you add the company’s backer board or weather barrier products to your home, your overall siding quotes may be higher or lower.

Paint Options and Colors

Hardie siding comes with the option of pre-primed and ColorPlus boards. The ColorPlus boards utilize a special factory-coasted, baked-on paint application that ensures the siding’s colors won’t fade or chip and are backed by a 15-year limited warranty on color. But, they come with a higher price tag than primed boards. However, they don’t need to be painted after installation, so they lack the cost of additional paint and labor.

Current Siding Removal

The state of your home’s current siding may make it easier or more difficult to remove. And a professional siding contractor will need to tear off old siding and improper underpayments to create a blank canvass. The more labor this requires, the more your project will cost.

So, Is It Worth It?

Yes, Hardie siding is totally worth the initial cost!

When it is installed correctly, your investment will last for decades and be backed by a 30-year limited warranty. Its durable and low-maintenance nature leads to fewer repairs and upkeep needs over its lifespan. So even though it may have a greater installation expense, it can end up costing you less in the long run.

But beyond expense, you’ll be gaining a siding that:

  • Last for decades
  • Is weather and moisture resistant
  • Is hail and impact resistant
  • Is fire resistant
  • Resists pest
  • Maintains its luxurious quality
  • Complements your home style

So while your budget is a key detail in your renovation, your project’s quote shouldn’t be the only factor you take into account. Make sure you hire the right siding contractor and choose a material that will make replacing your siding worth the time and money spent.

Impeccable James Hardie Siding Done Right!

Hardie siding really has a lot to offer a home, and if its benefits are the right fit for your needs, then ensuring it is properly installed is your next step. Our Smart Exteriors team is a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor, specifically trained to handle and install Hardie products.

You deserve to have the home you love—which is why we install this impeccable product and offer financing options to help you achieve a lasting exterior. For more information on James Hardie siding, check out our Hardie siding services.