Core Benefits of Hardie Board Siding

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Selecting exterior siding for your home is a big deal! The type of siding you choose will affect your home’s curb appeal and the type of impression you’ll make on your guests. Not to mention, your siding plays a crucial role in increasing energy-efficiency and safeguarding your home from the elements.

As you can see, it’s worth it to spend some time picking the perfect design and color for your siding. If you want your home to look attractive and last well into the future, it’s important to choose quality material and get a professional installation.

A lot of homeowners opt for more traditional siding options like vinyl, wood, stone, or aluminum. But if you’re looking for a siding material that is both durable and sustainable, Hardie board siding may be the perfect option.

Here is a list of the core benefits:

Hardie Board Siding is Cost-Effective

Vinyl is often praised for being a cost-effective siding option, but the material often experiences a lot of problems. While vinyl may be inexpensive and an ideal option when you’re on a tight budget, homeowners will end up spending more, in the long run, paying for repairs.

Hardie board siding, however, is also affordable and has the added benefit of being virtually maintenance-free.

Flexible Design Options

It is available in a variety of color options. It uses Color Plus Technology, which means it’s much more fade-resistant than vinyl or wood materials.

When you need repairs made to your vinyl siding, it’s difficult to match colors, which means the exterior of your home may not come out looking its best. If you want a siding option with lasting colors, Hardie board siding is a great choice.

Hardie Board Siding is Extremely Durable

All siding materials have pros and cons but when you compare each option, Hardie board siding is one of the most durable on the market. That’s because this material is almost five times thicker than vinyl.

This means that your home will be better protected from a wide range of weather conditions, including high winds and hailstorms.

Hardie Board Siding is a Safer Option

It’s created using noncombustible material, which makes it appropriate for use in fire-rated home building projects. Alternatively, vinyl does not handle extreme heat well, especially when subject to direct fire.

Hardie board siding will not burn under either of these circumstances. This makes the material a much better and safer material to use than vinyl, which will melt if it becomes too hot.

Hardie Board Siding Requires Little to No Maintenance

It’s much easier to maintain than vinyl material. It’s also resistant to hole-boring bugs and rot. And you don’t have to worry about excessive peeling, chipping, or cracking like what you may see with the competition. These planks are both high-quality and long-lasting.

Why it’s a Great Option for Homeowners

There’s no doubt that Hardie board siding is a winner when it comes to durability, flexibility, maintenance, and safety.

Vinyl is relatively easy to install and is a budget-friendly option. However, depending on what region your home is in, this material can show signs of aging in as little as 10 to 15 years. Temperature changes can also cause vinyl siding to split and break. When this happens, the entire plank must be replaced.

During the winter months, vinyl siding may trap moisture within the cavity wall. The moisture can lead to rot, termites, and mold issues that require expensive repair work.

If you’re looking for an affordable material that will stand the test of time, Hardie boarding may just be the right choice for you.

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