Can New Windows Save You Money On Your Energy Bills?

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Have you ever experienced sticker shock after taking a look at your energy bill? Are you looking for ways to save a few dollars in your budget each month? Believe it or not, replacing your windows can put money back in your pocket while also making your living space much more comfortable.

Are the Windows in Your Home Actually Costing You Money?

The fact is, most home windows are inefficient. That is because home builders are focused on keeping expenses low and increasing profits. The easiest way for them to do this is by installing windows that are low-quality and cheap,

On average, about a quarter of heating and cooling costs are lost through a home’s windows. Houses constructed less than 30 years ago are more likely to have been built with inefficient windows.

So how can you tell if your home has cheap windows? Look at how your windows perform during the summer and winter months. If your windows are drafty when it’s cold outside or appear foggy, this is a sign that you may have inefficient windows. Windows that are hard to open and close are also likely poor-quality windows that should be replaced.

You should not have to run your HVAC system most of the day to make your home feel comfortable. If you’re doing this or noticing any of the other aforementioned issues, you are probably letting your hard-earned money fly right out of the window!

Installing energy-efficient windows is a great way to save money. But before you reach for that credit card, do your research to make sure you are choosing the right materials for your windows.

How to Choose the Right Windows

You don’t want to replace your windows with a poor-quality replacement. Otherwise, you’ll just end up right where you started in a few years. Here are a few features you should look for in a well-made replacement window for your home:

Maximum UV Reduction – Your windows should block harmful UV rays. This will also help keep the heat out during the hot summer season and keep heat inside during the colder winter months.

Insulated Framework – Most windows have frames that are hollow and held together by glue or screws. Eventually, these frames can become drafty and will not effectively maintain the temperature inside your home. However, window frames that are fusion-welded and fitted with polyurethane, closed-cell foam will provide much better insulation and increased energy-efficiency.

100% Virgin Vinyl – Windows comprised of plastic and very little vinyl tend to be poor insulators. However, windows that have a vinyl composition close to 100% are much more durable and have overall better quality.

Long-term Warranty – A short-term guarantee on your windows is typically less than ten years. These are limited warranties that are usually pro-rated over time. This can make it difficult for companies to honor them if there is an issue later on. Instead, work with companies that offer a transferrable, lifetime warranty. These warranties are usually non-pro-rated and have little to no fine print.

Are you ready to save money on your energy bill each month with new windows? If so, contact Smart Exteriors today for a free quote.