Can Stone Veneer Be Applied to Existing Siding?

Can Stone Veneer Be Applied to Existing Siding

If you’re looking for a way to elevate the look of your home’s exterior, nothing compares to the luxury that the look of stone siding affords. In fact, manufactured stone veneer siding has achieved the highest return on investment for home improvement projects in the Kansas City area for years, according to the Cost vs. Value report. So, stone veneer siding not only makes your home beautiful; it can also greatly increase its value.

But if you’re looking into making this exterior upgrade, you may be wondering what it takes. How much work will go into the installation? Can a contractor install the stone veneer over your current siding, or will your siding need to be removed for the project?

It depends. While certain forms of siding are not conducive to stone veneer installation, contractors can apply stone veneer directly over certain flat siding materials. Let’s break it down.

Will My Walls Stay Up or Come Down?

One of the greatest factors about dealing with stone veneer is its weight. Natural, solid stone requires specialty reinforcement to carry the weight. But veneer is lightweight, so (typically) the structure carrying your existing siding will be sufficient to bear the load. Therefore, if your home has flat-panel siding in good condition, a contractor can apply stone veneer directly on top of it.

If your siding has become too deteriorated or moisture damaged, it will need to be removed before your veneer goes up. A contractor will remove the existing siding and replace it with OSB or plywood.

A professional can assess if the current structure supporting your home and the condition of your siding can support the veneer. They can properly add the needed support or replace the portions of deteriorated siding.

How Will a Contractor Install My Stone Veneer?

To properly install stone veneer, contractors need a flat surface to begin. Plywood is the most common backer for this project, but again, flat panel siding in good shape can provide the proper foundation for veneer. (Many sidings like brick or shingles cannot provide the right foundation.)

Your contractor will nail lath (mesh with paper attached to the back) to your siding and apply mortar over the top. Your stone will be applied to the mortar and then grouted with the final layer of mortar between joints.

Laying each piece of veneer stone can be time-consuming, and the water level in the mortar needs to be properly maintained to achieve as strong adhesion as possible.

An Elevated Exterior Made Easy

You can achieve an installation that lasts, looks beautiful, and is properly secured to ensure your siding is watertight. At Smart Exteriors, our highly-trained team installs only the highest-quality and best-performing stone veneer.

To learn if we can help you achieve the lasting beauty and versatility of stone veneer siding over your current home’s siding, see how we can assist you with our stone siding installation services.