Choosing Siding for Your Home in Kansas City

Choosing siding for your home

When it comes to your home’s curb appeal and protection against Kansas City’s warm summers and wet winters, the right siding is essential. Choose the best type of siding, and your house will be more attractive and safeguarded as well against damaging issues like pest infestations and moisture infiltration. But with so many siding options on the market, how do you choose the ideal fit?

Not to worry! Our handy guide will help you evaluate your options and land on the perfect new siding to give your home the look and performance you deserve.


5 Common Siding Types that Homeowners Appreciate

As you consider different siding types, think about your main goals. You’ll want a material that stands up to snow, ice, wind, hail, and sun. Beyond that, weigh features like energy efficiency, durability, unique colors and textures, as well as warranty options.


1. Go Affordable & Practical with Premium Vinyl

Vinyl cladding is popular due to its lightweight design, making it easy and affordable to install. This siding comes in many colors, and you don’t have to paint it, which simplifies maintenance. Insulation can be added behind it when it is installed, giving it solid efficiency. Choose premium vinyl siding, and you’ll receive exceptional beauty that mimics the look of wood for an eye-catching finish.


2. Opt for Texture and Charm with Acrylic Stucco

Stucco is highly popular because it can be shaped to work with many architectural styles. It’s also available in a variety of attractive fine, medium, coarse, and patterned textures, allowing homeowners to achieve a unique look for their property. If this material appeals to you, invest in synthetic acrylic stucco because it is resistant to moisture intrusion and cracking. You’ll enjoy the stylish charm of this distinctive material without a constant need for upkeep.


3. Enjoy Durable Elegance with Fiber Cement

With its sturdy, ecofriendly blend of cement, sand, cellulose fiber and water, fiber cement boards are superb at standing the tests of time. The top-performing choice in this category is James Hardie—which is renowned for its impressive durability, resistance to pests and fire, as well as its vibrant, fade-resistant colors. It’s available in many shapes and looks, and it comes with a non-prorated, transferable 30-year warranty.


4. Achieve Luxurious Style with Stone Veneer

Enjoy the unmistakable beauty of authentic stone without the expensive installation costs—by choosing fabricated stone veneer. This siding realistically recreates the appearance of stone, giving your home an elegant, memorable aesthetic that adds strong curb appeal and value. Canyon Stone Siding by Ply Gem is a top choice for stone veneer, with its gorgeous styles, custom designs, and lasting performance.


5. Create Traditional, Low-Maintenance Style with Wood Composite 

The look of natural wood is appealing to many homeowners—but the constant painting and repairs for wood rot are a problem. Eliminate the hassles and get the look you desire with composites that are designed to be low maintenance. A brand like Celect, which mixes PVC with wood fiber materials, can recreate the look of wood with ease. Or, choose pre-finished LP SmartSide siding, which offers enduring performance, beautiful fade-resistant colors, and an impressive warranty.


Enjoy Lasting, Beautiful New Siding from Smart Exteriors

When you’re ready to move forward with new siding, our responsive, skilled team at Smart Exteriors is here to serve you. We offer a variety of top-notch products, including James Hardie, LP SmartSide, vinyl, Celect, stone veneer, and stucco, and we’re happy to answer your questions so you get the perfect selection for your style and budget. Learn what makes our
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