What to Expect Your New Siding Bid to Include

James Hardie siding replacement with Smart Exteriors.

You’ve probably heard this age-old tip: “Get 3-5 quotes on your siding replacement before deciding on your contractor.” That’s a great piece of advice! Bids help you get to know different contractors, compare different siding installation options, and determine what works best for your timeline and budget. 

But what exactly is included in a quote from a reliable contractor? Here’s what you can expect to see as you compare bids for new siding.

Elements of Your Home’s Design

Every home is unique, with aspects that will play into your siding replacement project. Some of the details you can expect to see addressed are:

Dimensions of your home exterior 

Because siding replacement costs, labor, and timeline all depend on the size of your home, contractors will measure the entire exterior as part of the bidding process. You may also want to measure yourself and enter those numbers into an online cost calculator to get a rough sense of pricing before talking with contractors.

Number and size of exterior doors and windows 

The amount of siding material will be affected by how many doors and windows you have. More of them may mean there’s less material to buy, but it can also mean more labor will be involved to cut siding boards to the right size. You should see these factors included in your bid.

Options for Siding Materials

Home contractors often work with a number of siding types, styles, and brands. Your bid may cover only a specific type of material, style, or brand if that’s what you have asked for—or it might include a comparison to allow you to consider your options.

Specifics about the material

Your bid should state clearly what material you’re being quoted on. Based on what you’ve discussed with the contractor, a quote may mention one or more siding types—such as vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiber cement, stucco, brick, stone veneer, and natural stone. If you’ve requested a comparison of different prices for different types of material, you can expect that to be provided on your quote. 

Style and design choices

In addition to your siding’s makeup, you have options when it comes to looks—including lap siding, vertical panels, shingle siding, board and batten, etc. Your bid will make note of the style you’ve asked for.

Estimated amount of material 

Some houses are completely covered in siding, while others have portions of siding mixed with stone, brick, or stucco on the exterior. Your siding bid should estimate how much siding and additional materials will be used (assuming all goes smoothly), along with an estimated cost per square foot.

Installation Specifics

Siding projects for existing homes typically involve the removal of old materials and placement of the new siding. Your bid should address these factors (in other words—labor costs!), as well as answer some basic questions about the replacement process.

Repairs, if needed 

Repairs may be required if there has been wood rot, termite infestation, mold remediation, or other issues. Sometimes, damage isn’t obvious until work begins—but if it’s already clear there has been wood rot, termite infestation, or mold growth, the bid may make note of that (because repairs will affect pricing).

Approximate timeline

Your quote will include a general idea of when your siding replacement could start and how long it is expected to take. Scheduling will be impacted if you’re having your siding installed during spring, summer, and fall (busy seasons for home upgrades).

Logistics to Consider

Depending on your specific project, your siding replacement quotes may also be affected by logistics, such as:

  • How much customization is required to achieve the look you desire
  • Costs of waste removal, such as dumpster usage
  • HOA approvals
  • Historic home requirements 
  • Building code compliance and permits for projects involving more than siding installation

Information about the contractor

Reputable bids will also include details on who is doing the work (including subcontractors), where the business is located, their website, phone numbers, etc., so you can do additional research and contact them with ease.

Place Your Home into Hands You Can Trust with Smart Exteriors

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