Understanding James Hardie Siding Pricing

James Hardie fiber cement siding replacement done for a client's home by Smart Exteriors.

New James Hardie fiber cement siding will provide your home with strong weather protection and eye-catching style you can admire every time you pull in and out of your driveway. Of course, like any home improvement project, installing Hardie siding is an investment that you have to fit into your budget.

To make your planning easier, here’s an informative look at what affects the price of your new Hardie siding.

Factor #1: The Type and Style of Hardie Siding You Choose 


Lap Siding

Lap siding installed on a home.

These horizontal boards are the most affordable style of siding, producing the least amount of waste. Their cost depends on how much material must be ordered and how much labor is needed. The size that’s always in stock (8″) is more affordable than special-ordering the thinner 6″ size, which requires more man-hours to install.

Panel Siding 

Panel siding installed on a home.

This siding comes in large sheets that is most effective on one-story homes. It must be custom cut to fit your home, which can result in excess waste. Plus, it’s harder to install on second and third stories and can require many touch-ups, affecting labor costs.

Board and Batten Siding 

Board and batten siding installed on a home.

This look is popular, yet it involves extra materials (battens) to create the unique overlapping design that this style is known for. Like panel siding, it requires custom fitting, can result in excess waste, and is more involved to install.

Shingle Siding

Shingle siding installed on a home.
Gray shingle siding installed on a home.

This eye-catching option is the most expensive style of Hardie siding, costing twice as much as traditional lap boards. Shingle siding produces excess waste and takes more time to install because the small pieces need intricate attention.

Factor #2: Your Color Selection 

Primed Siding Boards 

If you like the idea of painting your Hardie siding after installation, choose pre-primed boards. This is the least expensive option in terms of installation—just be sure to count the cost of painting after installation, touch-ups, and repainting.

ColorPlus Boards

ColorPlus James Hardie siding boards installed on a home.

If painting doesn’t appeal to you, have your siding factory-finished before installation. Hardie’s ColorPlus technology creates bright, fade-resistant colors warrantied for up to 15 years. Here are your options from least to most in cost:

  • The Statement Collection — These 12 popular, adaptable colors are all stocked locally, making them quick and easy to obtain.
  • The Dream Collection — With over 700 colors, these hues offer great versatility. But they must be specially ordered, take longer to arrive, and cannot be returned.
  • The Magnolia HomeJames Hardie Collection — These designer picked colors elevate your home’s design. These shades must be special ordered and take four weeks or more to arrive. 

Factor #3: Your Specific Trim

James Hardie Trim Colors 

Example of James Hardie Trim Colors installed on a home.

There are four easily available colors that complement the Statement Collection—White, Cobblestone, Timber Bark, or Iron Gray. All other trim colors must be special ordered, an added cost you may choose if you want greater customizability.

Trim Sizes 

Hardie Trim comes in sizes of 3.5″, 5.5″, 7.5″, and 9.5″. The larger the trim, the greater the cost.

Specialty Trim 

Standard Hardie Trim will keep costs lower. Specialty options such as decorative headers and frieze boards bump up your budget, but they’re handy for matching historic architectural styles.

Factor #4: Your Soffit and Fascia Details

Soffitt & Fascia Details on a home's roof.

Fascia Wrap vs. Fascia Replacement 

If your fascia is in good condition, it can be covered (or wrapped) in new fascia. If it’s damaged, it needs to be replaced (which can add to expenses a bit).

Soffit Selections 

Your installation costs will be determined by the soffit size you need, as well as whether the color you choose is conveniently in stock or must be special ordered.

Factor #5: The Condition of Your Existing Siding

Finally, your overall costs will depend on the level of work involved in removing existing materials and fixing any issues. If your home has moisture damage, repairs must be made to the structure underneath before applying new siding.

If you have panel (sheet) siding in good condition, we can apply Hardie siding atop it, lowering installation costs. Any other type of material (shakes, lap siding, vinyl, steel, stucco, etc.) must be removed before we can install new siding.

Invest in Beautiful, Long-Lasting Hardie Siding for Your Home   

Ensure your Kansas City area house retains its value and beauty with the trusted, attractive protection of brand-new Hardie fiber cement siding. Learn more about the siding services Smart Exteriors provide—and reach out with any questions you have as you plan your budget and timeline.