The Basics of Lap Siding for Your Home Remodel

Home with olive colored lap siding installed

Updating your home with replacement siding is a wonderful opportunity to refresh its style and curb appeal. So, if you’re considering replacing your home’s siding, why not explore the possibilities of one of the most popular designs—lap siding. Here’s what to know about this highly attractive and versatile style of siding.

What Is Lap Siding?

You’ve likely seen lap siding on many homes in your neighborhood, because it’s one of the most common—and classic—looks around. Lap siding consists of long flat boards applied horizontally to a house’s exterior walls. The boards overlap each other to provide protection—hence the name “lap siding.”

Lap Siding Design Options to Consider

Clapboard Siding

A traditional, highly utilized design that is most common on New England homes, old and new, clapboard siding consists of horizontal, wedge-shaped boards that are wider at the bottom than the top. The boards differ in length and are placed so that they overlap one another, creating distinct texture.

Dutch Lap Siding

Also known as horizontal Dutch lap siding, these long, sturdy siding planks are a lot like clapboard. They’re thicker at the bottom than the top, and each new board is applied to create a small area of overlap. The main difference is that Dutch lap siding has a slightly concave shape that adds a bit of shadow to create a fine touch of definition.

Shiplap Siding

Shiplap siding also features the distinctive overlap of the lap siding look. What makes this design unique is that the narrow edges of the boards fit snugly up against each other, so that it looks like they are nearly flat. The overlap isn’t as noticeable.

Beaded Lap Siding

Beaded siding boards have a unique texture at the bottom of each board that creates a distinct, visible shadow line. This gives your home exterior added dimension and texture to deliver strong curb appeal.

The Benefits of Choosing Lap Siding

Lap siding is appealing to homeowners for a host of reasons:

  • It’s adaptable — Horizontal siding creates an appealing, traditional appearance that works for just about any type of architecture.
  • It’s protective — The overlapping design increases the protection this siding provides, blocking the intrusion of damaging moisture.
  • It’s attractive — The look of lap siding is neat, sleek and appealing.
  • It’s easily achieved — Lap siding designs can be accomplished with a variety of materials, including natural wood, engineered wood, vinyl and low-maintenance fiber cement.
  • It’s versatile — Lap siding comes in different widths, lengths and textures, which can be mixed and matched to give your home a unique look.

Give Your Home a Stylish Makeover with Lap Siding from Smart Exteriors

You deserve to know that your home’s siding is in top shape, with curb appeal and charm that is a breeze to maintain. So whether you like the idea of lap siding, or whether you’re interested in a different siding look such as stucco or stone veneer, our team of expert Kansas City siding installers can help you find the perfect design to fit your goals.

Contact Smart Exteriors today to get started on your siding installation plans—and enjoy low-maintenance, lasting results for years to come.