What Time of the Year Is Best to Replace My Home’s Siding?

What time of year is the best to install siding?

Is it time to get your siding replaced? And if so, is now the best time? Or should you schedule your siding installation for a specific season of the year?

At Smart Exteriors, we hear these questions often, because homeowners want to do their siding installation right. And while it’s possible to replace siding year-round, there are some factors to think about as you determine what’s best for your home.

What to Consider as You Schedule Your New Siding Installation

Weigh these factors as you decide when to invest in your new siding installation.

What Siding Material Are You Installing?

Some forms of siding are easier to install at certain times of year, due to the material they’re made from.

For example, vinyl siding expands in blazing heat and contracts in frigid cold—so a precision installation is easier in the moderate temperatures of spring or fall. Fiber cement and stone siding handle mid-summer or mid-winter weather wonderfully. Wood is best installed in drier seasons.

At Smart Exteriors, we install many types of siding, including James Hardie, LP SmartSide, vinyl, Celect, stone veneer, and stucco. So, if you have questions about materials, we’d love to answer them for you!

What’s Your Regional Weather Like?

Wet weather can make it harder to do a siding replacement with ease and speed. And it’s not so much the material itself, but the need to pause during bad weather, that can cause problems.

So, you might want to wait until spring’s heavy downpours are over before you get new siding. And if you live somewhere that has icy freezes (like Kansas City), that can also delay your siding replacement. Summer or fall tend to be better times to schedule the work.

Do You Have Any Timing Issues to Consider?

Perhaps you’re considering having work done before you place your home on the market. Or you’d like to complete the work in time for a family celebration that’s coming up, such as a backyard wedding or an anniversary.

If this is the case, then it’s a good idea to plan your siding installation at least a few months ahead of your special event so that the work can be done, cleaned up, and final touches applied with plenty of cushion so you can focus on your planning!

What’s Your Ideal Budget?

For some homeowners, price is no object. But for many of us, balancing the affordability of home renovations is essential. So, don’t be afraid to weigh your goals in light of your overall preferred budget.

If you decide that you’d like to install new siding when costs of materials and labor are a little more affordable, then fall is a good time to have the work done. At that time of year, most contractors will be finished with big spring and summer projects, and costs may be lower.

Is There Damage You Have to Address Quickly?

Maybe you’ve spotted wood rot, or your siding boards were broken during a storm. But clearly, if your home has sustained substantial damage, it’s wise to address the issue as soon as you can.

An experienced siding team (like ours!) can inspect your house and help you determine how soon you need to act.

All Things Considered, When’s the Best Time for a Siding Replacement?

With all these factors addressed, you may still be wondering, “Is there an ideal time to get new siding?” If you have the flexibility to do it anytime, then give another look at scheduling the work in the fall.

Remember, siding can be installed year-round. But fall offers a few advantages that homeowners appreciate:

  • Easier scheduling, because contractors are often more available as summer ends
  • Seasonal discounts, as materials and labor are sometimes more available in fall
  • Winterizing and insulating your home afresh, which can save you on heating costs

And most of all—autumn weather makes it simpler for your contractor to install your siding boards accurately. The cool, moderate temperatures ensure that the materials undergo minimal contraction and expansion, so it’s easier to ensure they’ll cover your home securely and create a weather-tight exterior that keeps your home protected year-round.

Precision Siding Installations that Delight You from Smart Exteriors

Make the most of your investment with a precision siding installation from Kansas City’s pro team—Smart Exteriors. We’ll do the job right the first time, anytime of the year, so you can sit back and enjoy a low-maintenance, gorgeous home.

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