Warning Signs that You Need to Replace Your Siding

Warning Signs that You Need to Replace Your Siding

Over the years, your home’s siding will inevitably wear down. Wind, hail, climate, and age will take their toll. But every type of siding will experience this deterioration at a different progression, so there is no cut and dry formula as to when it will need to be replaced.

Instead, it’s important to know the signs that can alert you that it may be time for a siding upgrade. As a Kansas City siding contractor, we know exactly what you need to be watching for.

Here are some indications that your siding needs some attention.

Signs You Need Siding Replacement

While at times, the need for a siding replacement can be obvious like missing or broken siding, sometimes the signs can be less evident. Take time toseasonally inspect your siding.

Cracking, Warping, or Loose Planks

Siding that’s been worn by the sun or experienced moisture penetration will start to crack or warp or even loosen from its hold. When the planks become compromised, they no longer keep the elements at bay, and your home can experience further damage.

Contact a professional for a siding assessment when you notice these issues arising.

Rotting Boards

Rot is a major siding problem, especially for wood siding. Water that penetrates your siding can create moisture damage and cause rot, which will spread and damage the rest of your siding or even your home’s interior.

You’ll need to have the rotted siding removed and replaced immediately to quell the spread.

Insect or Pest Damage

If unwanted house guests have been nesting in or eating your siding, it’s time for a change. From woodpecker holes to termite damage, your siding has become compromised and will need to be replaced.

The Kansas City metro area often deals with rodent, ant, and termite problems. When choosing your replacement siding, opt for a material that is resistant to these pests to help extend your siding’s lifespan.

Peeling Interior Paint, Wall Paper, or Stains

Sometimes, siding deterioration manifests inside of your home. After all, failed siding allows unwanted moisture in. If you notice your paint or wallpaper beginning to peel in certain areas, it may be an indication of water intrusion. Interior moisture damage can also manifest as water stains on your drywall.

A siding professional will need to inspect your siding, interior, and even wall framing.

Dated Curb Appeal

Well-curated curb appeal can add great value to a home. As the first impression of your home, your exterior should be modern and beautiful.

If your current siding is outdated, even if it’s not in terrible shape, it might be time for a replacement.

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Look at Durable Siding Replacement Options Now

When you see these warning signs, don’t wait to act. The protection that durable siding gives your home keeps it from unwanted damage and moisture intrusion. It’s important to remediate siding issues as soon as they arise.

Our Smart Exteriors team prioritizes you as the homeowner. You don’t have to wait for an extended period of time to hear back from us. We work to get your project quote within a week. And with superior siding products and our professional installations, you get a siding replacement that lasts.

For more information on our siding replacement services, see our various siding replacement options.